Monday, December 9, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: The Weekender

Happy Monday, everyone!

20131205_214756 - copia

So I left the weekend again without leaving a Flyday Friday post, soweeee! Anyway, the hubz invited me to Barcelona on a long weekend( it was a national holiday here in Spain last Friday) and so I gladly went along with him in my thick sweater only to end up sweating in mild-weathered Barcelona. Bwahahaha! Anyway, here are some snippets from our short trip:

I´m loving McDonald´s Mediterranean salad, I had this two nights in a row!


We also tried their Mc Cafe´s chocolate cake and coffee, the cake was a bit dry(probably because it was the last slice and it was 11 pm) but the coffee was really good.

2013-12-05 22.33.48

Our Friday was spent in Lleida/Lerida, a small and one of the oldest towns of Catalonia. It was foggy and cold, say, 2 ºC cold when we got there but I like it there! I can´t get enough of the storks perched on the new cathedral´s tower making that weird cooing sound and you should visit their walled old cathedral sitting on top of the hill and overlooking the town. It´s beautiful. :)


Craving Japanese for lunch and so we had one at Udon at Las Arenas, a commercial complex which was once the old plaza de toros(bullring) of Barcelona.

2013-12-06 16.20.05

And speaking of food, I just had to show you my loot when we went to Montserrat last month. Their famous Montserrat chocolates in a variety of flavors and these two cute glass bell angels which I´m hanging in my Christmas tree. It´s a tradition of mine to buy bell angels whenever I go to Montserrat because they´re nicely made and they´re not expensive too!


More short stories soon in my next posts. I know, I owe you big time! In the meantime, here´s my train outfit, so casual for lots of walking. ;)

skinny jeans- Primark, sweater- Zara(old), shoes-Converse
So how did your weekender go? It´s going to be a sunny week in my city this week, woohooo! Pardon the hyper adrenaline rush, this is something new in my place. The extra sun, I mean, in winter. ;)

Sending warm kisses your way!

Love, love,


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Ania Zarzycka said...

lovely sweater! :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Wow, the European McDonalds are way nicer than the US ones. That salad looks great and you guys also got real plates and utensils!

Lady parisienne said...

The food looks so good, and I love your sweater!

perfection and harmony said...

Great sweater!

I hope you'll enjoy my giveaway

You choose your reward!

sandy sandhu said...

Great food. I love these pictures and your sweater is so pretty
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