Monday, December 23, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: The Weekender

Hi, all!

So I was gone AWOL again for four days, what´s new? Sorry guys, the Christmas rush caught up with me and I didn´t have time to post anything. I was supposed to continue my wine series last Friday but with the party planning and neverending small get togethers with long lost friends before the year ends, I didn´t have the enough time to compose a coherent and cohesive post for you. I´ll make it up to you this Friday, okies? ;)

Anyway as the hubz and I we´re doing our usual paseos in the plaza square, I can´t help but notice the Christmas lights on the streets and buildings around. Here´s one of them from a museum:


Last Saturday was our annual Christmas party aka get-together with my all of my friends here and here´s the only decent photo of what I wore taken at 2 am in the morning:

top(old)- Mango, faux leather skirt(old)- Stradivarius, necklace- Zara
Now you know why I had to cut my face like that, hahaha! I shopped my outfit from my closet and only the necklace is new.

Craving for pasta carbonara yesterday but I don´t have bacon in my ref. Instead, I used these jamon serrano cubes. Turned out fine, actually. It looked and tasted like pasta carbonara but with that stronger taste from the cured ham. And for that extra color, I also used spinach fettucini. ;)


Finally, here´s a peek of  my WIWW post this coming Wednesday:


I finally got my hands on a real fur coat. It´s fox fur, by the way and please don´t kill me yet because it´s vintage and it was a gift, okay? ;)

Enjoy the week, luvs! :)



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Kacie Ellis said...

Gorgeous statement necklace!

Happy Holidays!

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

You are funny Che!

Could you please see my post tomorrow. You'll love it. ♥

Janet Taylor said...

Gorgeous coat!

Merry Xmas!

Lady parisienne said...

I hope you had a nice Christmas! I really like this outfit the fur is incredible!