Monday, June 14, 2010

If The Shoe Fits


The best thing about being petite is that you can rework a below the knee skirt into a tube dress.This is a great piece to wear for a leisurely walk in the park or a perfect cover-up in the beach for your 2-piece/1-
piece swimsuit. Isn´t that nice? ;)

Wearing: skirt/ tube dress, rose quartz necklace- bazaar (Phils.), purple sandals- local Spanish store

It isn´t the same though with having very small feet.You can´t rework a huge pair of shoes to your size even if you place a dozen Dr. Scholls ( did I spell that right? ) on it. I´m a 5 and most shoe sizes here start with 6. What a dilemma when I go shoe shopping! And yep, my shoe size is directly proportional to my height. hahaha!

How about you? Do you have shoe sizing problems too?

Happy Monday to all! :)



Dredd said...

I love your blog and your skirt/tube is absolutely gorgeous. Luckily, I don't have any problem w/ my shoe/slipper size since I have 7 and my height is just right in it.....wink ;)

michelle_ said...

i agree with that petite girl tip !
im not that petite.. but i guess european sizes are just really big that I could still do the tube dress thing :)

Sherin said...

You did really well turning the skirt into a dress. It looks so adorable. And I love the print on it.

kirstyb said...

can u do me a favor - the like button on my blog had the wrong code so anyone that clicked on it this morning didnt get counted - can u go back and click on it for me?

Thanks xxxxx

p.s i love the colour of that dress xxxxx

Cathy said...

haha thats so creative!! and what a beautiful vibrant color

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I bet that "dress" also looks fantastic as a skirt! I like that you are exploring its many options.
That is too bad about your shoe issue. I don't have problems finding shoes, however my feet a very small for my height. I'm nearly 5'10" but I wear size 7.

a la Modest said...

I've been finding LOTS of Filipina fashion bloggers! I am so excited. I grew up in the Philippines! Isn't it cool to be a stay at home wife? I am too! We get to blog about fashion at home!

Anonymous said...

yay i'm agree because im petite girl.haha :) you look sweet darling .

libys11 said...

im lucky that i have size 7 feet and finding shoes isn't that hard. however, i can totally relate to being petite and finding some long tops and skirts to be dresses.

that dress has such a tropical feel to it!! lovely! :D

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Leia said...

What a pretty dress!!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

so sadly...but u can still enjoy your holiday with your own way with condition like that..

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

You did well with the skirt/dress.
The colours are so motivating. This is so unfortunate about your shoes thingy. Enjoy the day;-)

Rebecca Rose said...

OMG ang sexy mo naman Che!!!

Anyway about shoe sizing, OMG kaloka dito. In pinas I'm size 7 or 7 1/2. While here in the states... its either 6, 6 1/2 or 7. That's why I don't buy my shoes on line, it's really annoying haha.

MarchMusings said...

Very sweet look. It looks perfect for the beach or a casual stroll.
Talking about height and feet size, I'm 5'8" with a shoes size of 6. Not proportionate at all!

mom & son said...

Hello, Ate!
I missed you again!
Motherhood really makes me busy and occupied
kaya less time on blogging.

Ate, mukhang pumapayat ka? uy, pa-sexy nang pa-sexy c Ate! I agree, that's one of the reasons when you are petite, I wear skirt as a dress too.
Pink and green really suit you. Love those colors!

P.S. Freddy runs fast na and I am happy nabawasan na ang pagkakarga ko sa kanya at nabawasan na rin backache ko.

Elaine said...

It looks great!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog