Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sale Shopping and Some Bling

¡Hola, queridísimas!

Sale season is just around the corner or has it started in your side of the world already? It´s time to browse our favorite store on things to splurge on at a price that wouldn´t put a huge hole on our purses. One thing that I always include in my sale shopping budget is jewelry.

I bought this fab silver necklace with colored stones at 50% off in my fave jewelry store from the winter sales last year. Love, love this piece although I haven´t debuted this yet except here in my blog.

This green U2 top in light cotton was something that I bought at 50% off too about 4 years ago. I´ve never actually wore this thing, I´ve only discovered it when I was spring cleaning my closet for the nth time the other day. Ha, don´t underestimate your closet!

I shouldn´t be posting my house clothes here but here is it... tadahhhh!

Sweatpants, my fave my lounging outfit! It´s so comfy wearing one in the house, no? ;) Just so ya know, I don´t wear sweatpants outside on the street. Well  technically I can if I go jogging, but then, I don´t jog. hehe! Some women love wearing them, even while shopping! It´s not my style but I´m posting it here because it´s my house outfit ( hoop earrings and the necklace not included). ;)

Anyhoo, back to the sale shopping, here´s a word of advice: Just don´t go overboard when going sale shopping, ok? Start with a budget, make a list from there and stick to the budget as close as possible. I know tha´s hard and I´ve failed many times but I´m getting wiser now. ;) Never, I say never, buy anything that you´ll regret later even if it´s 70% off!

Happy weekend dears and happy shopping! :)




kirstyb said...

love the colour of that top x

Becca. said...

gorgeous necklace, you look beautiful!
thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Sherin said...

That's such a pretty necklace! I love sale shopping, but I am always very careful when I go out. I usually make a list and then stick to it.

Anonymous said...

that necklace looks good on you Che!
wala pang Sale here in Cebu but am looking forward to that day cos there are loads of gorgeous trousers over at Mango! kalurke :) haha


Leia said...

Thanks for the sale shopping tips! You look SO good in green... this is your color Che!!!

Margaret said...

very pretty :)
great blog :D
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Savvy Gal said...

Very nice necklace.

Leah said...

Fabulous naman ang house clothes mo... love the look. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous. Takot na ko sa sale kasi I'm sure I will buy tons again. Hahaha! xoxo

cherie said...

pretty necklace! and i love how your shirt brought out your curves :)

regarding sales, sometimes my mind goes haywire too :)

Nina said...

Your little note has lifted me up like no other, dear Cheryl.

Truly God smiled down on me when you sent me that message.

Stay beautiful always!

Front Row Mode said...

Loving the necklace


MarchMusings said...

I think the necklace is too pretty not to be worn. And it looks good with the green top.

Anonymous said...

hei dear,thank you for the comment. nice shirt * green is good for you i think* and answer your question : agatha she's not my sister but my bestfriends but we've same last name :)

Rose said...

Aghh it seems like sales are year round here these days! Its so dangerous to go to the shops. I just bought a new maxi dress yesterday (even though its winter here now hehe) on sale $30 down from $90, what a bargin ;)


libys11 said...

aaahh!! sale shopping is always number one on my list every season!!! i have to agree though that one has to stick with a budget just so you don't go overboard! :D

pretty necklace, btw! :D

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