Friday, June 18, 2010

Those Fat days

tank shirt- H&M
long sleeved denim- Bandolli ( Spanish brand), thrifted
chain and skull necklaces, cocktail ring- local Spanish store

What part of the month do you exactly feel and look fat? For me that would be the week before and after my period. Translation: 14 days of bloating, hehe! Too much salt intake (well aside from the hormones) is usually the culprit for bloating. The thing is I tend to crave more salty things and eat a lot on days that I shouldn´t. Goodbye willpower! Not that I have a lot of this actually, hihihi! So during those dreaded bloated days, expect me to wear something very loose and flowy to cover the ahhh... bulges and oh, almost no breathing too to suck in the tummy while walking down the street! ;)

Do you feel like this too? What do you do about it? Share? ;)

Sending you warm hugs from this cold side of the world,


PS: I´m having a terrible hair day and so please excuse the hair and the smirk. ;)


kirstyb said...

love this look xxxx

cherie said...

aww you dont look at it all! pretty pa rin :) but i know the feeling too, it happens to me when I don't drink much water.

Anonymous said...

For me that fat bloated feeling is just that a "feeling" because while I don't like to wear tight fitting clothes during that time, it's not because my clothes are really tight...and I see that with you too. You look great and I see don't see any bloat.

I love the necklace with the big ring and jean jacket. It pops! Great look.


Leia said...

You don't look fat at all! But I have those bloated days. every day. Haha.

I love your dress :)

Anonymous said...

I love the layers of necklace and the gray dress...oh so simple but fashionable...

no worries about the hair...I always suffer from it everyday :D

take care

Leah said...

Oh the PMS... I bloat too. Pero di naman obvious kasi bloated or unbloated, I wear loose clothes. Hahaha! Style yun!

Love the gray tunic and the denim top combo... cute look Che! Happy weekend! xoxo

Sherin said...

You look lovely here: definitely not bloated.

I love the dress you're wearing!

a la Modest said...

Lol! I feel the same way. Everything just goes wrong around my period... stains (oh my), bloating, crankiness, pain, etc!

You don't look fat at all, but I guess we all feel fat sometimes! I didn't know you live in Spain! Very nice. How well do you speak Spanish? I only know a little bit. I can probably only speak to a 4 year old.

Pretty ring!

Rebecca Rose said...

naks che so cute mo naman!!! Love your layered necklace!!!

The Starving Stylist said...

You don't look fat. You look beautiful here. xox

libys11 said...

can totally relate to the bloated feeling around the time of getting your period!!

anyway, that's a nice looking denim shirt! :D

Animated Confessions

Mom Daughter Style said...

i feel bloated everyday, tumataba kasi ako ngayon. you can tell from my pics pero wala din akong willpower magdiet.

anyway, ikaw sexy parin

Nina said...

Hi Che!

I soooo hate it when the bloating happens ... kinda depressing for all the women in the world.

But what are you talking about?! You don't look fat AT ALL!

Stace said...

oh don't we all have these "fat" days?
but I think you still look gorgeous in that grey dress :)

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Elaine said...

I love salty foods so i always feel bloated and dehydrated.. hahha

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Anonymous said...

i know how that feels! 14 days of bloating gets me sooo sad!

you dont look bloated at all, Che! love your jacket!