Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Lunch


I´m blogging late on a Monday night, I know. You see I just arrived home today from a late lunch with a friend of mine and mind you, these pictures are fresh! Never mind that my hair looks like a nest ( haven´t washed it since yesterday, eeew!) and just focus on the food because my friend always prepares a lovely feast even just for two. ;)


Her veggie salad:


So colorful, fresh and crunchy and so trendy too with pomegranate bits! Yum, yum. :)

My plate:


Okay, I won´t lie. I had a second serving after this... and a third. Ssssh!

Just before the fiesta began:


What I Wore:


Nothing much, just preppy, leather and a pair of floral flats because it was another sunny day. :)

button down- Massimo Dutti, v-neck top, jeans- Zara, flats- local store
My weekend was a blah because as usual it was rainy. Don´t you know that we´re having non-stop rainy weekends since autumn started? So please don´t hate me if I bombard you with indoor photos, I´m not that brave and healthy enough to have my photos taken under the pouring rain and neither is my photographer aka the hubz. ;)

So how´s today and your weekend?




Rolled Up Pretty said...

You are so pretty! I LOVE that red shirt with your white shirt underneath. LOOKS SO CUTE TOGETHER! :)

Laura said...

Mmmm, your food looks so delicious!!! You look so cute too =)

Leonor said...

great pictures:))thank you so much for your comment dear:)) keep in touch:)) happy week!


Sherin said...

That lunch looks delicious. And love your leather jacket too.

janettaylor said...

Cute outfit and those foods are delicious...


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ganda mo ...