Sunday, December 2, 2012

Food Weekend: Colorful Salad and a Bocata

Hola, hola!

I´m back from a short trip to Zaragoza but before that, let me share with you what we ate in one of our date nights here in  our city. As you know, Spain is a country where bar hopping is customary. That´s how the Spanish people socialize, they meet friends in one bar, talk and drink a little and then go to another bar,they  talk and drink a little more. This ritual continues until they call it a night. ;) As for dinner, they usually order tapas, a salad or a bocata/bocadillo inside the bar. Dinner at home is usually served very late in Spain, around 8:30 or 9:00 pm and usually very light.

Here´s what we had when the hubz and I decided to have dinner in one of the bars in the old quarters, a salad for two made with different kinds of greens, jamon de pato(duck), chopped walnuts and topped with slivers of fresh mango and mango chutney. Sumptuous! :)


For the second dish, we just ordered a bocata/bocadillo( sandwich) made up of exotic pan grilled ciervo meat(venison) with caramelized onions and with a glass of la Rioja wine. Yummy and so filling. Dinner solved! :)


To end this post, here´s a snapshot of me at an excavated Roman theather at the heart of Zaragoza:


Zaragoza´s such a beautiful city! I´ll be sharing more photos with you in my travel post on Friday, watch out for that. In the meantime, bundle up, ladies! Winter´s here for good. ;)




janettaylor said...

So delicious!


vitaMinn style said...

I'm missing salad so much! Can't eat salad here in El Salvador, I got sick when I did. I' will need to make up for it once I'm home, I'll try to make that one from your pic!!


vitaMinn style said...

I miss eating salad. I can't eat it here in El Salvador because I got sick when I did. I will have to try making the one on your pic as soon as I'm home!