Sunday, December 9, 2012

Food Weekend: Homemade Goodies

Hi, everyone!

This week we had plenty of  bananas in the house and so I decided to bake a banana walnut loaf. IMHO, it´s best to use very ripe bananas than the ones we normally have as a snack or dessert because they´re a lot sweeter and more juicy.


Basic recipe, here. I wanted my banana loaf moist and fiber packed and so I tweaked the recipe a little by adding walnuts on top. Instead of using all purpose flour, I used cake flour and olive oil instead of  regular cooking oil. Since the bananas were very ripe, I only used 3/4 cup of sugar instead of one cup. You can use three to four medium sized bananas or three large ones to pack in more fiber. As for the baking time, it depends on your oven and the temperature of your eggs. It´s best to take out the eggs from the refrigerator an hour before you start to normalize it´s temperature.


I love pancakes! I could eat them everyday if they´re not so ¨calorrific¨. Since the apples are fresher and cheaper to buy this time of the year, I add apple slices to my pancakes for more flavor, fiber and vitamins. ;) A dash of cinnamon on the mix makes the whole pancake tastier too! Plus for that extra goodness, you can top it with honey( much healthier!) or dulce de leche to make it creamier just like what the hubz wants on his pancakes. ;)


I had this blueberry topped homemade cheesecake for dessert yesterday while visiting Calahorra(La Rioja), Spain. Hands down, this is the best tasting cheesecake that I´ve tasted here in Spain! To think that this came from a simple bar- restaurant but the food is not only filling but delicious and not expensive! The place´s name is Venezia and can be found at Paseo Mercadal 27. I don´t normally mention restaurant names in my blog but this is an exception because I was so satisfied with what they served me yesterday from the first dish up to dessert. :)


And since we´re talking about Calahorra, here´s what I wore yesterday:


Black is really slimming and elongating. Looking at this photo, it looks as if  my legs have suddenly grown a mile longer and to think I´m so petite, hahaha!

Happy Sunday, everyone! See you soon. :)

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janettaylor said...

Love those desserts. Yummy!

april said...

omg..i wanna go out and get some banana bread..looks so yummy..liek the look to comfy and chic..perfect for a get away


mmmm that looks so yummy!


♥ Ellen