Monday, March 21, 2011

Missing Some

Today, technically is the start of spring. Early April of last year, I was lucky to visit Paris for the first time.

I missed Montmartre:

this gorgeous lady musician at the top of Montmartre,

the Sacre Couer,

this small but very crowded plaza at the top of Montmartre filled with artists/painters wanting to paint a portrait of you. By the way, I didn´t give in. The prices were exhorbitant but it was fun just staying there.

the merry-go-round ,

the crepe marnier,

and my multi-colored poncho.

So what do you usually remember from a place after you´ve visited it? ;)




Laura said...

These are such pretty pictures. I love your poncho it's so fun!!! Definitely a cool outfit!

dotie said...

usually the food haha..
there's this bakery in Montmartre that makes the tastiest bagels :)

eclectic du jour

QueenDesi said...

i always want to visit Paris someday!! wanna visit channes :)

love your Cape baby!!


in Love&Light
Queen D

ching said...

wow that place is a beaut! and you look great in that cape.

Sweet said...

memories...those are the only things I always remember...the good times, happy and drunk times hahahaha!!!! and yes the photos as well...

I love the poncho....


Sherin said...

I love these pictures. I always love visiting Paris. Montmartre is definitely my favourite place.

Hazel said...

your poncho looks fantastic! and i'd like to visit paris someday too! it's definitely on my to-go places when i start earning big haha :D

Stevia said...

cool poncho!
oh.. so jealous that you've been in paris before!

the one thing I always remember from a place I've visited is the people I went with!
It's funny..
I never really have a clear memories about the places or the food..