Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Clutch


I know. I haven´t been active on the blog lately. One of my family members had a terrible ¨health crisis¨ and so most of my energy was spent on that person these days. One thing that I´ve learned from all that´s happening is that  we have to live each day as if it were our last. I wouldn´t delve much into it because it´s a very private matter and hey, this is a ¨fashion¨ and sometimes travel blog after all!

Speaking of fashion, here´s something which I´ve discovered inside my closet lately:

A multi-colored animal print clutch which I bought more than two years ago!

After a relaxing afternoon at the mall yesterday doing nothing but window shopping and eating cinnamon rolls, I´ve noticed that all of the clothing stores were selling candy colored things. More pastels and the ubiquitous animal prints have gone colorrific too in bright pink and blue. So it´s about time that this clutch  will be debuting again this spring and all throughout summer! ;)

So what about you? What have you discovered from your closets lately for spring? ;)

Carpe diem, my dahlings!



Rose said...

ooo I love that style of clutch! Yours will go with so many things, but i think it would look great paired with a black dress.
Sorry to hear you family member is unwell. I can certainly relate because my dad died and was brought back after 20 mins of his heart stopping last year. It was quite a miricle that he is still here, so our family deffinatley thinks to live each day as if it were your last.


Jing said...

Ate che, I miss you!I'm sorry to hear about the story.I'm really hoping for his/her recovery.pray lang jud ta te che.
I love this clutch colorful kaayo.

Sherin said...

I love that bag! The colours are so pretty.

janettaylor said...

Fantastic colormix!


Laura said...

I love all the shimmery candy colors in your clutch! it's definitly the perfect spring closet find. I haven't really found much in my closet, rather I'm finding all the good stuff(lots of skirts and dresses) in my sewing pile...
I hope your family member is on the road to recovery. I know it's hard when a family member is ill and you have to take care of them, I've been doing that a bit myself.

thesahmydotcom said...

hope things are ok with u personally, anyways, what i found in my closet are plain, on dark color schemes clothes so I thought of buying new ones based on the spring trends 2011. When I saw your clutch, it reminded me of Monique Lhuiller's 2011 collections pastel, red, brown color schemes and you're right that would fit in this season.

Reese Milania said...

Me too Che, I haven't been blogging, I've been lazy to take some outfit pictures haha.

Anyway it's funny that we both love anything purple and flat shoes, wohooooo!!!

Kamusta na yung kamag anak nyo na may sakit? I hope she/he is doing well. Kaka stress noh pag may ganyan. Take care.

à la Modest said...

I think you and I share the same love for colorful things! I wear too much color... but I have toned it down during the winter! Now that spring's back, it's the perfect excuse to bring color back :)

Leia said...

That clutch is just perfect! I love the colors and the foldover style!


Krystal said...

ooo that is colorful goodness!!

Hazel said...

niice! that's a pretty clutch :) trends really do come and go, and good thing anything colorful is back :D i recently just found my green colored jeans :))

..R May A.. said...

gorgeous clutch :)
I found an old pair of wedges that i wore maybe once or twice 2 years ago & i love them - no idea how i forgot about them!! x

Mom Daughter Style said...

im sorry to hear about your family member, I agree we have to live life to the fullest. i was wondering nga kung bakit di ka masyadong nagpopost lately.

i love the colors of the clutch

Mayet said...

btw, I hope that everything's well now.