Monday, March 7, 2011


It´s been a sunny and warm day in here since Saturday and so I got to wear shorts.Woohoo! I was almost done with the night and wearing my sleepwear when I suddenly remembered to take an outfit shot. So I put on everything back including the red lipstick  except the tights. ;)

Some gray top, a pair of velvety shorts and a light pink thrifted leather jacket to complete the look. ;) I´m seeing short, light pink leather jackets being sold  in stores right now and so I feel lucky that I snapped this classic piece during my thrifting trip 2 years ago. ;)


gray top- Zara
shorts- local store
necklace- Misako
leather jacket- thrifted

I´m so so ready for spring, even summer! How about you? This week´s carnival week here in Spain and so expect some carnival photos on my next post.  ;)

Ciao for now and I hope you´ll have a rad week ahead! :)




Hazel said...

hahaha good thing you weren't lazy to put the clothes back on ;P and i hope i'm spain right now to witness a carnival! ENJOY :)

Laura said...

I love it when the weather changes!!!! Your leather jacket is fab! I love finding leather at the thrift store.And your shorts are so incredibly cute =)

janettaylor said...

Oooh, what a great jacket! Perfect color!


Sherin said...

I'm so excited for summer as well. We had a bit of sun oday, so I'm really excited.
I love the all black outfit. The shorts look great. And your lipstick looks fab.

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful !!
I love it !! ♥



vitaMinn style said...

I love that pink leather jacket! I can't believe it's thrifted, what a lucky find! Finding a treasure like that is such a rarity. Or maybe, I just don't have the knack for thrifting! ;)

vitaMinn style said...

Love the pink leather jacket, what a great find! A treasure like that is such a rarity. Or must be I really don't have a knack for thrifting. You should take me to one of your thrifting adventures some time!! :)

Kavery said...

I've wanted to see a real carnival for ages. Seeing them on documentaries and movies is not the same thing

Sharon @ Fun and Life said...

What a great thrift find! Loving the leather jacket. I always see people finding these amazing thrift finds and I never know how they do it because I never find anything good! Great outfit put together :D

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

cute immages...

Leia said...

Yay for warmer weather!


Rebecca Clairine said...

sweet outfit !
pink is always sweet ..
u look pretty :)