Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Dressing Up For Me in Review

This has been remarkable year for me when it comes to dressing up because I started wearing things out my comfort zone. From wearing the usual 2-solid colors:

and preppy:

My year evolved into something else abeit subtly. I started following trends:

I did the blazer-biege spring color, the military look, the double denim and lace combo and have actually bought a skirt with studs on it.

I also experimented with vivid prints and colors and tried the mix-prints look for once. ;) Animal prints didn´t escape me, though I did leopard last 2009. ;)

See post  here:

Then I wore a scarf as an accessory. I love collecting scarves but I rarely wear them. hehe

I was also high on floral skirts ( which can be paired with different solid colored tops), a green tiered skirt ( so not me) and a gingham skirt ( which I wouldn´t dare wearing- hello, school uniforms and table cloth! but I did anyway ).

I finally wore a hat while I was out early summer and it was a lot cooler and chic than going bareheaded:

Wore slashed shorts ( age inappropriate):

which I promptly paired with stripes and purple tights when the weather became cooler. hehe

Getting a bit more daring, I started buying skull accessories and a top and had the guts to wear a skull necklace with plaids! Eeeek!

To top it all, I allowed myself to buy and actually wear a leather skirt and pair it with a sequin clutch. ;)

A lot of new things happened to me this year. We moved to a new flat which we can finally call as our own, I failed in something but I learned the lesson that went with it and I got to see new places here in Spain. Then I also got to visit Lisbon and had a road trip to the other parts of Portugal like Viseu, Coimbra and Porto and finally my dream to visit Paris, visit Le Louve and taste Ladurée´s macaroons came true last spring!  So was 2010 a good year? Yes, sireeee! It´s going to be one of my most memorable years ever! :)

What about you? How´s 2010 for you? It may be the best, may be not. Don´t worry, I´m sure 2011 will bring us lots of pleasant surprises and things to hope for. We´ll just have stay positive all the way! :)

Once again, Happy New Year to all!

Hugs, pats and kisses,


PS: In case you´re wondering, I´m a very casual dresser. Now that would really need a serious change. ;)


Mom Daughter Style said...

I like this review Che, Some fashion bloggers like you, they really evolve from simple to rock.I was wanting to be the same too when I started blogging pero now, I think I'm more comfy with being a mom blogger nalang tapos occasional dressing up.

Sweet said...

very casual outfits and perfect for 2010...I have learned so many things from you my dear and thank you for being a part of my 2010...


Rose said...

Happy new year!
A fabulous post, youve created so many different looks in 2010.
2010 wasnt great for me, positive that 2011 will be better.


Sherin said...

You had some lovely outfits in 2010. You do look so pretty in them all. I love all the prints.
Hope you have a great 2011.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

u have nice style collection

..R May A.. said...

the blue in the first picture is definately your colour :)
it looks gorgeous, amazing post!! x

Reese Milania said...

I swear, I was gonna do the same post lol but I just got a little busy.

Happy new year!!!

Mayet said...

galing! I love the off-shoulder top ;)

I would like to be more daring this year, my closet needs to be replenished!!

janettaylor said...

Happy New Year, my dear!

Sarah M said...

girl this year you have managed to rock allllll the trendss :D heres to another year of fierce outfits :D happpy new year!

Hannah said...

Lovely selection of outfits. Really like all of your chains in the first pic.

Happy New Year- wishing you all the best for 2011!

Hannah x

Meream said...

Here's to another year of expanding fashion boundaries! :)

Jing said...

I so love your leather skirt,te che!