Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poinsettias and Gingham for Christmas

You´ll know it´s Christmas season when you´ll see blooming poinsettias around you.

Trivia: The tradition of including the plant during Christmas celebrations started in the 16th century in Mexico where this plant originally comes from. Do you know that the red part isn´t the flower but the leaves? It takes 12 hours in the dark for the leaves to turn red and for a more vibrant red, sunlight is needed. ;)

I was planning on buying cyclamen as a plant ornament for Christmas but I just can´t resist a small potted poinsettia. But... the cyclamen would be much chicer to look at. hahaha!

Anyway, here´s what I´m planning to wear at a mini- Christmas party with the girlfriends. We´re just simple gals and so no glittery party dresses needed for that special occasion. :)

What is more important is that the getup shouldn´t too tight to hold in the tummy for the food bingeing happening later that night. hehe

When I saw this gingham skirt in black and white, I knew I had to have it not only because the fit´s perfect but because it´s 50% off. Who could turn away from a nice fitting skirt at a discounted price?

I´d be wearing this with a colored floral cuff :

But just for the show, I´ve also included some gold bangles in the photo:

The perfect color to combine with black and white is red. This turtleneck top isn´t my best choice but I don´t want to spend anything anymore because the winter sales is around the corner. Time to zip the wallet close for now. ;)

The shoes should be comfy because there´ll  be lots of  dancing. For now I´m wearing opaque tights but that could change to a thicker pair if it´ll snow next week.  I hope it doesn´t because Mr. Frost´s in town for days now, if it drizzles I´m sure it´s gonna be snow and not rain.

So this is gonna be my what I wore soon. ;)

So what about you? Are your outfits ready for Christmas partying with friends?

Have a lovely Sunday all!



Rose said...

I love those christmasy plants, ive seen them around in the stores and have been tempted to buy one.
Your outfit is nice, the skirt is very cute. Im happy I get to wear all my pretty dresses this month, I have so many events and catch-ups to attend :)


L1L2 said...

the skirt is perfect... and you got it 50%off! that's good! the red top adds the christmas vibe n so agree with the pointsettas.. it is a christmas flower... can't beat it!

Rebecca Rose said...

The skirt looks good on you!!!

Mom Daughter Style said...

beautiful outfit for Christmas party! I love the sweater. I'm having a hard time keeping the colors sa mga colored clothes ko, laging nagfafade.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

in Indonesia,, that trees have name is KAstuba..

nice red

Mayet said...

I love those accessories!!

Lia Waroka Putri said...

I love the flowers! and you look pretty with the stunning red color =)

Sherin said...

That's a beautiful Christmas outfit. I love the colour of the jumper. And the skirt looks really stylish.

Hope you had fun at the Christmas party.

jess said...

I like your colorful bracelet.

janettaylor said...

Yepp, I will wear a D&G tweed dress and now I am wearing a scottish tartan skirt from Zara with new Theory cashmere cardi, lol! :) I love plaid a lot!


Krystal said...

I love your cute outfit with the black tights! And...I also know it's hcristmas with pointsetta's...and also the red and green M&M's :)

Becca. said...

love your red jumper!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Jess said...

Oh I love that cuff!

Savvy Gal said...

i adore red during winter. : )

Elaine said...

Definitely looks Christmasy and festive :)

Noelle Chantal said...

Ah, I smell Christmas everywhere! And that plant is the perfect one for this season. Our house is adorned with those. By the way, love your red top, the fit and front detail is so right for your body type. :)

à la Modest said...

You should try knitted tights instead of opaque tights for the winter! They look just as good, but they are so much thicker and warmer!

That skirt is a steal. I like the shape and details of it! The bangle looks too cute, too!!