Monday, December 20, 2010

Let´s Get Real

First, here´s what I wore while having a fun time with friends:

I´m seeing and loving red these days. Must be because it´s Christmas. It rubs on you in a very good way. Moreover, all stores at this time of the year (and Valentines Day) sell red. Have you noticed that too? ;)

Second, thank you once again to L1 and L2 of A Bit of Our Life for the award! You girls are spoiling me. :)

Here are 7 facts about me:

  • I´m very petite. I´m only 5 feet tall!
  • I was a licensed chemist in my country but I worked as a processed meats taster ( among other things) for 12 years. Today, I do the tasting at home and at the local fairs here before we bring home the tasty goods. ;)
  • My favorite color is purple. My childhood girlfriends can attest to that, my wedding guests, my blogosphere friends and maybe you too, my regular blogreader. :)
  • I can´t stand overpowering scents. Perfumes are not for me and so I wear cologne.
  • I´m a hoarder. Seriously. Good thing the hubz helps with the spring cleaning sometimes. The bad thing is, he accidentally spring cleans some of  my favorite things. So I asked him to stop helping me. I also minimized my hoarding and make do of what I have now. I hope...
  • I was a bookworm until I got married. After that, I became an internet addict.
  • I love chocolates with nuts, ice cream with chunky fruits and nuts and toasted bread. Yup, I love `em crunchy. I even place diced bell peppers and carrots on my spaghetti to make it more ineteresting. ;)
I share this award to YOU who´s reading this right now because we´re all stylish in our own way! :)

Third, how´s the Christmas shopping and the Christmas Eve menu? ;)




    Meream said...

    Why hello there, fellow hoarder. :)

    Mayet said...

    I'm still trying to come up with something really good to share with family for Christmas lunch but there's still time, right!

    ..R May A.. said...

    ooh congrats on the blog award!! x

    janettaylor said...

    Congrats, Honey!


    Jess said...

    Love red jackets, and this one's no exception. Perfect for the holidays!

    Reese Milania said...

    Che, Merry christmas!!!

    jess said...

    Congrats on the award.

    Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

    congrats on your award! you remind me of little red riding hood in that. i love it.

    à la Modest said...

    I'm quite the hoarder myself. I've always been glued to the internet, but I did read a lot of books (non-fiction) before I got married. After being married, I was introduced to like fiction books... I used to just go see movies based on books if the books were fiction! How terrible, but I am a lot better at not doing that now.

    I like your jacket! I am petite myself :)

    L1L2 said...

    yeay! we knew you liked purple..:) and so true about the red rubbing on all of us bloggers it seems... n u deserve the award!

    SMASH said...

    Aw I enjoy crunchier textures over smooth too! I'm assuming you like pulpy orange juice? I love it but everyone I know thinks there is something wrong with me!