Monday, December 13, 2010

Treasures from the Louvre

If you´re a regular reader of this blog, you´d know by now that I´m a certified bling fanatic. They don´t have to be expensive ( because I´m not rich) but they have to be pretty and colorful. I love them so much that I even seek them out in museums. ;)

Anyway, I know that the Louvre´s main gem is la Gioconda or simply put, the Mona Lisa. (She even has one gallery to herself!) The thing is, after being mesmerized by her coy smile and gentle gaze which will make you stare at her for like...eternity, you need to leave her because you had to give in to her other admirers. They can be so persistent, they´ll elbow their way to where you stand. Ouch!

But while we´re there, the hubz told me that he found something which will make my Louvre experience unforgettable. Et voila, my favorite pretty baubles! :)

They´re a mix of Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Assyrian jewelry dating to the BC* years. By that I mean really, really old. Ancient. Antiquated and well preserved. If you haven´t been to the Louvre, I highly recommend visiting it. It´s the best museum I´ve ever been to. Just don´t ask me in what floor can you find these blings. I got lost while I was there. hahaha!

More photos to show you soon. This is just the 1st part. ;)

For now, I´m asking you to send  me warm hugs from there because it´s so coooold in here! :)


* BC- Before Christ


Leia said...

Such pretty jewels!


QueenDesi said...

stunning jewels :))


in Love&Light
Queen D

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

those first earrings are so unique. everything is really pretty!

..R May A.. said...

those earrings are simply gorgeous!! x

Rebecca Rose said...

Che, it's also cold here :-( ... Sana spring na haha!!!

Gorgeous jewelries!

Mom Daughter Style said...

beautiful earrings! i like the second to the last one the best.

btw, i never took RC yet for haircut. I think I'm going to wait para easier itali hair nya.

SMASH said...

I can't wait to visit the Louvre in May--this post is making me excited! The last pair of jewels is my favorite, the inlay work is gorgeous :)


Sherin said...

I do love La Louvre. I get mesmerized by the Mona Lisa as well.
These jewels are fantastic! I love bling, hehe.

Lee Oliveira said...

Gorgeous pieces!

Amber Blue Bird said...

such lovely pieces. great blog you have here :)

Sweet said...

Oh the jewelries are amazing...I can't take my eyes of those loop earrings...

aww so lucky of you!!!


à la Modest said...

Yes, I can tell you're a bling fanatic :) I like the jewelry you have on throughout your blog. They aren't plain and they are colorful, which I like.

Hope you had a good weekend, and thanks for your comment about marriage!

Krystal said...

when i went to the louvre my favorite thing to see was all of the jewelry :)

Z--- said...

looove it!!xx