Saturday, July 2, 2011

OOTD: Old Rose

I wore this:

bag- Zara, dress- Pull & Bear
While visiting this:

Nah, I didn´t. hahaha! This was my outfit yesterday while visiting mi querida suegra and then grocery shopping and still much later, dragging the reluctant hubz to watch  Pirates of the Caribean on Stranger Tides ( I know so very late, hehe) in that specific order.

sandals- Blanco, bangles- Sfera, Misako

Today, I´m cooking my special Chinese noodles aka as pancit in Filipino and will be grilling fish for a pool party with my dearest  friends later.

So what are your plans for today, dahlings? ;)




Laura said...

OOh man that food your going to be cooking up sounds super tasty!!!!!

You are sooo cute I love that dusty pink on you with those super cute sandals!

Sherin said...

Gorgeous look. The colour od the dress really suits you!!

Angel Garcia said...

SOunds like fun.. Grilling with friends is always great,,

All the best, Angel

Sweet said...

refreshing color...
I am currently in the Philippines kaya MIA sa blogging world...but I do miss you...

you always look good in old rose colors...I mean these kind of colors suit you most...


Mom Daughter Style said...

that dress looks super comfortable.

plan to walk and run tomorrow morning.

sacramento said...

I am so glad to have found your blog.
I like you very much, so I am following.

cherie said...

i lurve your dress! it's so perfect for summer!

just stayed at home today and ate guilt-free teeheee :)

Parade of Dresses

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

That dress is so pretty! I wish we had zara :(

Thanks for the blog love

Kavery said...

Wish I was around to taste that dish. Sounds yummy

Leia said...

That dress is such a pretty color!


Daphne said...

Nice outfit! :)