Monday, July 11, 2011

Girl Talk

I had coffee with the girlfriends the other day and as we talk about life and everything else in-between, I realized that there´s always one topic that always crops up every time we sit down and have one of those girl talks and that is fashion/ dressing up.

top- Mango

As I think about this, I´ve come to realize that when we were just little gals, we were already practicing what we love most with our dolls or with our Mom´s clothes, high heels, make up and bling when she´s not looking. Even if our teenage years would be about boys, rebelling a bit on the strict house rules ( lucky you if you´re parents aren´t strict, mine were!) and finding our own identity, there was always a time when we experimented with fashion (mine were a lot of misses than hits, hahaha!).

ring- Mango, leather bracelets- local fair

So it´s not surprising that until now we still share one common dilemma  every morning when we wake up. What am I going to wear today? Maybe it´s in our genes or maybe it´s because while we´re still in our mother´s womb, unconsciously we´re also being prepped up to always look good on the outside.The thing is, what  really matters most is the inside part ( your character). Too bad that we live in a pretentious  world where they  judge you first by how you look and not for who you really are. Sad but true. I think it´s much better to take care not only how we look from the outside appearance but also from the inside as well.

Bermudas- Pull&Bear, sandals- locals store

Any thoughts on this?




janettaylor said...

Superb accessories, girl!

Sick by Trend said...

beautiful that blouse! :D


Laura said...

Cute outfit I LOVE your ring and top =)

Sherin said...

Fashion is our favourite topic as well. I used to play around a lot in my late teens.
I really love your top. It's really pretty.

Inez of Style Chic 360 said...

Such a pretty ring.

Kavery said...

I think it's a topic all of us are familiar with and it's comforting to share that with close friends. That's what friends are for!

SunnyToast said...

I love coffee time and with good friends. I'm inlove with your bracelets so cute and your floral top..such a lovely:)

Happy blogging!

Savvy Gal said...

I agree with you. I dress up because it makes me feel good. However it is sometimes terrible how people often judge a book by its cover first.