Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Things

And here goes again my ¨3 Things¨ :

1st: Pineapple Pie

I´m a sucker for pies and pineapples. Do you know that aside from Vit. C pineapples are also rich in manganese? Think about having clear skin, strong bones and  free radical busters. Yep, pineapples will give you all of these. :)

With all that in mind and because I´m tropical ( I grew up in a sunny tropical country where pineapples are also grown), I searched the internet for the most basic pineapple recipe. Ooops, since I kinda tweaked the recipe, I can´t link it here. E-mail me if you want to know my recipe. :)

2nd: Anne Hathaway´s  lacey white dress

One of Anne´s day dresses when she attended the Paris Fashion Week more than a week ago. Gorgeous!

I´m still on a lookout for my perfect LWD. It may not be as pretty as this dress but I´m sure it´s not going to be as expensive either. hahaha!

and 3rd: this Longchamp Chartreuse le Pliage tote

I finally got to debut this bag OUTSIDE and INSIDE the blog. ;) Wore this bag last weekend when I visited the Balenciaga Museum in Getaria here in Spain. Now that´s something to look forward to when you visit my blog again. ;)

Looks like I´m going to do a regular ¨3 Things¨ feature here in the blog. What do you think? ;)

So how was your week?




Jing said...

I go for "3 things" feature in your blog,te che! sort of an inspiration also.I love your bag te.mahalay man na diri ui.haha.pobreng alindanaw...

Laura said...

I love the 3 things posts they let us get to know you a little bit more! Also I really want some of that pie! Your new bag is like sunshine to hold on your arm. And Anne Hathaway is such a pretty lady!

janettaylor said...

Oh that dress! beautiful!

Sherin said...

Anne Hathaway's dress is gorgeous! I love white dresses.

Becca. said...

love anne hathaways dress & shoes!

thanks for the comment on my blog :)

cherie said...

your bag looks gorgeous! the color is just love :)

Kavery said...

Anne H looks lovely in that dress. And that bag? Gorgeous. Would love to see it in an outfit post.

Leia said...

That pineapple pie looks scrumptious!


Savvy Gal said...

love the white dress and in adoration with yellow currently.

Reese Milania said...

her dress is beautiful, perfect for summer!!!