Sunday, March 24, 2013

Food Weekened: Merienda Cena

After visiting MIL*, we usually drop by our favorite bar in the neighborhood  for some coffee  and tea or for a merienda( afternoon snack). I love that the beverage also comes with mini-muffins for the sweet tooth although not all bars include this treat in their coffee or tea.


I usually order an infusion called ¨poleo-menta or if not chamomile tea which is good for the tummy and drink it sans sugar.


Why without sugar? Because together with my tea I also order my favorite carrot cake to share with the hubz:


And when the tummy craves for more food, a  piece of this tapa/ pincho, a mini-sized burger stuffed with a tiny a burger patty, a slice of bacon and veggies would be part of the menu too. ;)


That´s why, the merienda( afternoon snack) will sometimes turn into merienda-cena ( early dinner snack) when we go drop by our favorite bar. Dinner time usually starts at 9 pm in Spain and so a 6 or 7 pm snack is normal around here and by the way, you don´t say ¨Buenas noches!¨ until you´ve eaten your dinner. In the meantime, even it´s already past 7 pm, you should say ¨Buenas tardes!¨ still. Got that? ;)

So what do you think?


*- Mother- in -law


Kat said...

omg everything looks sooooo delicious!!!!!! :D

janettaylor said...

Look taste, I think all! :)

vitaMinn style said...

Oh my Che, I gained a pound just by looking at these pix!

I eat my dinner early, so I suppose that's just merienda-cena for you, lol. I noticed Brazilians and Latin Americans eat dinner late too, so they probably take it from the you guys.


Benlovesting said...

That look so good!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

It all looks so delicious!! :)