Monday, March 11, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Gingham and Gold

Hello, everyone!

Whew, it´s nice to be back from the grave. hahaha! You just can´t imagine the ordeal that I had last week with the flu. Non stop chills and fever for three whole days  and then came the sneezes and the non-stop coughing. It was an agonizing journey to hell and back, literally! So naturally, I had to lay low for a while to recuperate my lost energy.To those who have it, lots of fruits and vegetables, fluids and lots of sleep, that´s how I survived.


Anyway, to make matters worse, I´m having cold sores on my lips right now and so I had to cut my face off from the photos. When it rains it pours, just in time for my birthday week too, lol! So we might as well wear something  bright and uplifting to liven the mood in here, no? ;)
I wore this today to visit la suegra(MIL) after days of not visiting her in the nursing home. I tried pairing this with heels but later changed to flats because it´s much more comfy and I´m still ¨reeling from the flu¨. ;)

top- Mango, skirt(old)- Bershka, necklace- Massimo Dutti, ballerinas( old)- H&M

Enjoy your the week, all while I´ll sip on my Vit. C juice. ;)

Warm hugs,



janettaylor said...

Matchy matchy!

Sherin said...

That mustard colour suits you so well.

Chioma said...

you are so cute! love that clutch with the look :)

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Sweet said...

Aww I hope you feel better love.. thank you so much for the comment.. Oh well, life goes on...Thanks for the

Love your clutch and the entire outfit... it really uplifts the mood. :)


Betina Ross Idnay said...

Flu season is such a bummer! Hope you are feeling better. That color is really a pick-me-upper.

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Renae at simple sequins said...

Thank you Che!(for following) That is so fun were are both wearing purple polish on our polished nails. hahahaha. Oh I love mustard yellow with black and white.

Check out my post:
for my version of the same colors. Fun!

Rianne Schouwenberg said...

Just love your blog!!
I'm your new follower!!
Would you like to stop at mine sometime?!