Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekend in Paris 3

Stayed in Paris without shopping? Non, non!

Galeries Lafayette:

The building´s architecture( especially the inside part) alone will make you gag or go wide-eyed or both. Everything´s so beautiful inside and  expensive too. hahaha! You can find all the luxury brands in shoes, bags, dresses in one place and the only thing that you need is a fat bank account which unfortunately I don´t have so I only bought some things whose prices are within my tiny shopping budget.

Aside from the Galeries Lafayette, there´s also Printemps and Le Bon Marché. Equally filled with pretty things and equally tempting to the pocket. ;)

Louis Vuitton Flagship Store:

As usual there was a long line mostly filled by Asians. haha! Below is a window display  a la bag wheel. What do you think of these cute summer hand bags by Louis Vuitton? Hot or not?

And then starts the museum visits once again. This once taken at the Cluny Museum. We didn´t visit this last year and I´m glad that we did it this time. :)

On the way to another place, we stopped by the Ladureé store at Champs Elysees for the you know what. This time I bought a box to go with my fave flavors. ;)

We stopped by Sorbonne too. The place was closed and so we only stayed outside and took some photos for some souvenir shots. Too touristy, no? lol!

Just before ending the day we stopped by Place de Concorde and rested at the Tuileries. I think we stayed there for almost two hours before the hubz suddenly remembered that there was a museum nearby which houses Monet´s Waterlilies.

So instead of just sitting there and contempling on the wall to wall paintings inside the two salas, we saved time by taking photos of each painting.
floral top- Mango, shorts- H&M, bag- Longchamp le Pliage

I glad that they allowed it because it was near closing time when we went there. So yeah, I was all over the place in Paris and I´m glad to be given the opportunity to visit this enchanting city again although I didn´t leave as starry-eyed as before.

So where were you gone during the long holiday?




Kavery said...

The shot of the LV bags is interesting. You still look smart after a day of travel!

Laura said...

What fun!!!! those cookies look so pretty and yummy... =) I'm so glad you had such a fabulous time!

Pop Champagne said...

love the pictures, and all the archetectures- wow! so nice that the weather is also sunny and warm, hope you had a great time :)

AMAIA said...

amazing pictures!

Leia said...

You are making me miss Paris so much! I'd kill for a macaroon right now!