Monday, October 29, 2012

Portuguese Getaway(Part 1)

Bom dia!

We had a long weekend here in the Spanish Basque Country and so we escaped to neighboring Portugal. What I love about Portugal is that aside from the food which is delicious, filling and really cheap, the places to visit are old world( which I love) and very interesting. In these hard economic times, visiting the Portuguese side is the best alternative if you´re on a budget. Most of the people( in stores and restaurants) speak English too and so getting around places and dining isn´t much of a problem.


Our home base was Viseu and then from there, we traveled down south to first, the picturesque town of Ă“bidos:


Before that, I noticed this old weather beaten church  called Sao Pedro( St. Peter) just before reaching the town and I just had to have my photo taken beside the door:

top, jeans- Zara, bag- Massimo Dutti, scarf, shoes- local store

Here´s how the church looks like from the front:


From a distance I thought this was an old mansion except for the cross on the top. It´s not your ordinary church based on it´s structure but that´s the reason why it was love at first sight for me.The fading white paint also added a nice touch of character to this unique holy sanctuary.


More photos to come of the beaches down south. Watch out for the next posts. ;)

So how´s your weekend?

Ciao for now,



janettaylor said...

Love those slippers!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

SO JEALOUS! This looks like so much fun! Your outfit is adorable too! :)

Anonymous said...

The church looks very mysterious and beautiful.


kendra kay said...

your outfits are great and those pictures are absolutely amazing. you live in such a beautiful place but im sure you know that! :) i found you through the "rolled up pretty" link up-can't wait to browse through your blog and read more. come visit me when you have a moment and have a beautiful day!