Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wide Legged

Wearing wide legged pants can be tricky for an extra petite person like me but I´d like to give it a try because: it´s nice to experiment with our looks once in a while ( hello, style rut!) and find new styles that  will suit our body type and lifestyle and wearing the right sized wide legged pants/jeans gives you that classic silhouette which can be elegant and appealing at the same time. I think the key to wearing this style is to choose a pair in dark color to elongate the legs and yes, wearing heels is a must so that we won´t drown in our own jeans. hahaha!


I wore a flowy top over it for that easy going bohemian look and besides, it´s too hot to wear something constricting today!

( necklace- Parfois, bangles- Sfera and H&M)

And finally, I tried editing the last photo in Flicker´s Aviary( you should try it!) to come up with this 70s vibe. Just forget about my dry frizzy hair. ;)

( top-Mango, jeans- Promod)

Care to try wearing this style? ;) Finally, after more than a month of  nothing but rain, the sun came out today! Folks, we´ve just landed from winter to summer. As for spring, what spring?

Enjoy your midweek!



Noressa Henness said...

I love the blouse
Don't worry, here in Belgium, spring is not there yet, it rains whole the time, it's cold,...
Wanna be on holiday so much

janettaylor said...

I have similar ones and really love them especially with a pair of platform shoes. :) Nice choice, darling Che!

kadik said...

I like your pics ♡ now im following you :)

kadik said...

I like your pics ♡ now im following you :)

cherie said...

lovin the boho vibe of this outfit! wide legged jeans are a little bit tricky to wear but they are a refreshing change from fitting denims. :)

april said...

love that you chose this top to pair with your flare jeans.I love this bohemian look. the color of the bouse suits your skin tone and you look lovely..i know isnt that cool we are both sporting flare jeans.Im starting to love flare jeans again

Pop Champagne said...

ooh the print on the blouse is so fun!!

Lorena said...

You wear these well.
I think that yes, it is hard to pull off a wide leg when you are petite - as i also am - but you have proven it can be done!

Mica said...

That top is gorgeous! I like the wide legged jeans on you :)

Annie said...

That blouse is so pretty - such fabulous colors!

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