Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Blue In Tights

A knitted top and tights for me is the perfect outfit combo on a cold rainy day. Since technically it´s still summer, a light brown skirt will do while the tights can be sheer but patterned for that oomph factor.

After my yellow fever last week, I´ve gone blue these days. I´ve also noticed that about 30% of my wardrobe is colored blue and it´s not even my favorite color! Oh well it only shows that blue is a universal color too aside from black.


Here´s a slightly updated look with a scarf around the neck.


Then you´re ready to conquer the world! Ooops, after taking just two shots, we ran towards the car because it started to pour really hard! So much for some outdoor shots in the rain. huahahahha!


knitted top- Pull&Bear
skirt and shoes- local dep´t store brand
tights- Blanco
pouch- Bershka

So what do you usually wear on rainy days aside from your raincoat and rainboots? ;)

Enjoy your Wednesday, luvs!



fashionismyh2o said...

Gorgeous sweaters and I absolutely love the layers of the outfit :) perfect Autumn styling!


Sherin said...

I love wearing blue as well. I love the lights. I usually wear black ones, so it's nice to see brighter one. And your bag is so gorgeous.

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous combo!

sacramento said...

I love you in blue.

Laura said...

So pretty!!! Blue looks so pretty on you!

Kavery said...

That shade of blue is a perfect alternative to black. It looks great on you

fashioneggpplant said...

cute look! love the tights with the skirt and sweater :)

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cherie said...

love the dotted blue tights, it's such a refreshing alternative to black!

Sheela said...

love ya bad got the same hehe:P

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