Sunday, September 11, 2011

Florals at Biarritz

Warning: Photo heavy post

Had an impromptou visit to Biarritz yesterday. I wore my girlie floral dress (I bought this at the girl´s section, true!) which hadn´t seen the light in a year, my mettalic moss green sandals, my silver, a little leather and some pearls and then off  I went to the French coast!




This small leather structured bag is a summer staple of mine but it rarely makes it´s appearance here in the blog. So here it is finally!

( dress, hat- Zara girls, short knitted cardigan- Pimkie, sunglasses- H&M, sandals- Zendra(local brand) )

First order of the day was lunch at this small restaurant which serve sumptuous seafood paella and pizza. I find it cute that my table napkin´s color matches with the color of my dress so I took a photo of it. hahaha!

We didn´t order pizza  but we had paella and mussels with fries. Then came the shock of my life. The mussels are ah... petite like me. We´re so used to eating large mussels in Spain and so I´m surprised to see cutesy ones on a large platter topped with bechamel sauce. So tedious to eat and so calorific! Never again will I order mussels in this side of town.

After lunch was the customary stroll and the picture taking too. By this time, my girlie dress got all wrinkled. hehe!


Biarritz is so photogenic especially when it´s sunny, you should bring your camera when you come here! While resting on some stony bench beside a flight of stairs, a lot of people stopped by a slightly dense foliage and began clicking away. Curious, I took a peak and here´s what I saw:

Amazing view, no? Here are some sea photos:


and a photo with an abstract sculpture which by the way is the perfect background for my floral dress. ;)

And just before the day ended, a customary stop at the ice cream shop to cool off our taste buds. I chose mint with oreo cookies and coco for the hubz while I chose this:


It´s called Violette but the color looks like old rose. The hubs said it tasted nothing at all, hahaha! The truth is  it has a subtle taste which I can´t describe but it tasted delicious as well.

So there went my Saturday. Today I´m stuck at home reading a Spanish novel trying to understand half of it.

So how´s your weekend going so far?




janettaylor said...

I love that bag!

Kavery said...

Gorgeous weather. Waiting for summer to hit us soon

L1L2 said...

the dress is so fresh and pretty! and the lunch looks yummy...

michelle_ said...

love the bracelets u have that !!


Meream said...

Oh wow look at that place. So gorgeous.
Also, I shall now try mussels with fries if I get the chance. :D

Bonnie said...

Seriously. Lurrrrrrrve. <333
P.S. You're adorable.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Abi said...

sandals and bag sooo cute