Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WIWW: Palazzos

Good morning darlings!

Today I want to share with you one of my looks while travelling in Portugal last weekend. Portugal´s weather was sunny and warm, more like summery actually so I got away with wearing light textured clothes during my stay there.

I´ve been meaning to wear this palazzo pants which I bought during the tail end of summer but didn´t find the occasion to wear it.  Finally I did it during the trip. :) Sorry ladies you can´t find this anymore in Zara although you can find a houndstooth and thicker version here. The desciption says checkered but I think it´s houndstooth. ;)

2016-10-08 12.19.33

I wore this on our second day in Viseu while visiting the cathedral. Here are some shots that we took while at at the cloister:

2016-10-08 12.19.37
2016-10-08 12.19.28

and then to end the day we visited the castle ruins of one of the towns here. Portugal is replete with old castles or what was left of them. Usually it was an old part of the walls or the towers although some of them are intact. Nevertheless, it´s fun getting lost along Portugal´s hills looking for old towns with a quaint history and filled with charm.

2016-10-08 19.06.53
top and palazzo pants- Zara, sandals, bag-Bimba & Lola

Happy mid- week! :)



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