Monday, September 17, 2012

Pisa Blanca

Just before arriving in Pisa,our guide told us ¨ You´ll be fascinated with Pisa and it´s buildings. Everything´s white over the green grass.¨ and boy, he was right! But first, a photo of me in the adjacent building which is an enclosed cemetery. ;)


The gleaming white marble buildings of the Piazza del Duomo which by the way is a UNESCO World Heritage Site are the main attractions of this famous place. First the baptistery,


then the church


and it´s intricate ceiling and graceful columns in black and white marble which reminded me of  the duomo of Siena.


As for what I wore, it was something very casual as usual. We´re in the middle of the heat wave when we had the tour so just imagine how hot it was while walking under the sun. I wanted to wear something where my pores can breathe because I was sweating all over including my feet. Eeeeww!

top-H&M, shorts- Stradivarius, bag- Tous, sandals- Zara
What I like about Pisa is that the main attractions were built side by side and so you don´t have to walk that much to visit each and everyone of them. See?


And yes, the main reason why we decided to come here: the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. After some work was done on the tower´s foundation, it´s said tha it could last up to 200 years more. That´s good news for the future generation! :)


Of course, I had to have my photo taken beside the tower. I tried extending my hand when we shot the tower on the right side( like supporting the tower) but my photographer wasn´t that artistic enough. All the photos ended up weird and sorta trying too hard, hahaha! So this shot on the left side of the tower would do for now.


I´m almost done with my Italian tour post. Next week would be Venice, watch out for that! ;)

Happy Monday, all!



Sweet said...

I want to travel now nah!!! Too much work made me a boring person.l. I need new some new inspiration and energy to keep me sane...

I miss your posts love,,


Ashley said...

I want to see the tower of pisa!!!!!!! I'm in love with these pics (and slightly jealous) !

Always Maylee said...

You look so cute! And wow, the architecture fascinates me. SO gorgeous. Your tour guide was right!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Encarna said...

You look cute as always.i have never been in pisa And i would like to go someday

Sherin said...

I've always wanted to visit and see the leaning tower for myself. I'm definitely going to try to get a picture with my hands pretending to support it, haha!

Chic Therapy said...

amazing pictures

Nava said...

Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


ylenia said...

WOW, great pics!
Thanks for the comment =)

Juliette in Wonderland said...

great place!
i like your blouse :)