Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY 2012!

My first post for year the 2012 would never be complete without the traditional NY´s Eve dinner photos. Foie gras added with two types of olives, my own version of chop suey, cochinillo (suckling pig) and  for dessert, the most chewy brownie based mango topped chocolate cake I´ve ever eaten. Simple yet so delectable! ;)


All of that with two or more ( I forgot to count) glasses of red La Rioja wine and later, more, more glasses of cava ( Spanish champagne).The hubz insisted that we drink red for the cochinillo and then the sparkly right after eating the 12 grapes ( Spanish tradition and I was so stuffed, I only ate 10!) seconds before midnight. So now you know why I´m  looking at you like this:

( top- vintage, skirt- New Yorker)

Drunk much? lol! I´m surprised I can still pose and hold my glass like that. ;) By the way, I forgot to buy a dotted top ( Filipino tradition for prosperity) to welcome the new year and so I wore a sparkly top instead  which I bought at a vintage store on a recent trip to Barcelona and paired it with a leather skirt. I guess I did the combo right, no? I have some  issues with sequins, they are itchy, so they aren´t for me. I´ll post a full body photo soon of this outfit. Just wait a little. ;)

So how´s your New Year´s eve?

Hugs from here,



Style Sud-Est said...

Our new year's day was very quiet- did not drink at all this year since i am on medication- but all in all i am very happy to how we celebrated the holidays-
I love your sparkly top paired with your leather skirt - very pretty.

Ariane xxxx

Becca. said...

love your jumper! you look lovely :)
happy new year to you too!

thanks for the comment on my blog,

Sherin said...

Looks like a great NYE. The food looks delicious and I love your top!

Leia said...

NYE should always include yummy food! :)