Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Bling time! I´ve noticed that chain jewelry is getting ubiquitous nowadays. So if you have one and usually wear it around your neck ( like I do with mine):

( chain necklace- vintage, gift from MIL)

Why not loop it twice or thrice ( if it´s a long chain) around your wrist as bracelet:


or on your finger multiple times to make a chain ring? Never mind that it´s a little bit jumbled down there( below the finger) but up here, it looks so well arranged and nice, no? ;)


Get my drift? Sometimes we have to innovate and be creative to make use of what we have. So what do you usually do with your old jewelry?

Hugs from here,



Style Sud-Est said...

You are right we have to work with we have!
I have a lot of jewelery i could modify or tranforme into something trendy.

Good idea my friend!


Anonymous said...

love the chain ring idea
lovely post


Bravoe Runway said...

Similarly to what you have done I've tried these ideas as well. I've also turned very long necklaces into belts ;)

Sherin said...

Good advice! I have a plain chain which I hardly wear. Will definitely tr it as a ring or bracelet.