Friday, January 20, 2012

Looks Like Spring

Felt like wearing light colors today and so I thought of this lem-o-lime combination. It´s not the first time that I experimented with this combo. In fact, when color blocking was the rage last year, these were my colors. I don´t know.. I just find the mix of green and yellow so refreshing and young, no? ;)


To accessorize, I used a bow and feather brooch, my spider ring and throw in a mini arm party of silver bangle, brown, green and blue leather braids. Another experiment for my overripe lemony top, haha!


Oh and talking about this top, I had the most shocking discovery today. I´ve always heard about stores changing the original prices during the sales but I didn´t believe it until it happened to me. I bought this top at 50% off  ( based on the red tag) at the store of one famous Spanish brands ( not Z, the other one)  and you know what? When I accidentally tore off the red tag, this was what I saw underneath the tag:

Can you believe that?!? Good thing I really liked this top and so I didn´t go back to the store and complain. This is definitely a glaring example of false advertising. There can be a lot of ways to mislead the shoppers, you just have to see it for yourselves and be wary of them.

( jeans- Zara )

Now that you´re warned, enjoy your sale shopping, luvlies and talking about the weather ( like I always do), it looks like spring nowadays with the sun and all. Hallelujah!

Ciao! ;)



Jing said...

ate che.pretty colors! you look amazing! ;) i miss u.

Sherin said...

So beautiful! I'm loving the gorgeous colours you're wearing here. I miss summer now!

Meekay said...

Great colour combination : )

Bravoe Runway said...

I love yellow and green. The top looks beautiful on you but I am sorry to read that you didn't get a real 50% off. That is lousy :(

Laura said...

Wonderful color combo!!! Makes me think of spring =)

missy shugah said...

im starting to love brooch now! :) they look so good! <3 take care ate che.

Style Sud-Est said...

Nice mix of colors! so fantastic, i love to see you Ladies go a bit crazy with your color combination! the accessory is just right!
I know about the labels, they do that here as well and more than we think, this is why i buy when i can get an item at its lowest price.

Thanks for your comments!

Ariane xxx

The Fashionable ESQ said...

Cute! I like all of the bold colors and the flower pin.

- The Fashionable ESQ