Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 1: Madrid

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I´ve finally found the day 1 photos of my short Madrid escapade. It looks like most of them were taken indoors except for this one. hahaha! This was taken at the temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple rebuilt in Madrid.


Day 1 look is all preppy because I was dying to wear this A-line denim skirt in dull gray color which I´m loving but haven´t debuted here until now and well, nothing screams more preppy than a polo shirt, right? Since I´m matchy-matchy, I paired my yellow bag with a yellow top. Bwahahaaha!

( leather bracelet- Purificación García, bangle- H&M)

It was sooo hot in Madrid and so I didn´t bother staying outside to shoot the important monuments.We just snuck in at the Museo Cerralbo, the old residence of the late Marquis of Cerralbo because it was cooler there than staying out on the streets. Anyway, the sword collection in one room was an eyeful!


Just like any old palace (converted into  a museum), the armory collection was quite impressive. There were quite a lot of knights in shining armor.You can even choose any one you like as an escort BUT they can´t walk on their own and are quite heavy. ;)


The late marquis was known for his eclectic taste and colletion so expect a lot of old important paintings and scuptures from centuries ago. Of course, I have to take a photo of myself with them

( top- Lacoste, skirt- Vera Moda)

This marble bath tub caught my eye. With the dry stifling heat outside, I could imagine a nice long cooling bath while admiring the scenery outside from the window.


I love chandeliers.This by far is the biggest  that I´ve ever seen with it´s cute pastel colors. This lamp was even  exhibited for being the only one of it´s kind! ;)


Because a travel photo is never complete without food photos, here´s what we had for lunch, a lightly buttered hake with side salad:


and later for dinner, we had maki plus a lot more at a small Japanese restaurant ( run by Chinese people,hehe).


Tired, a bit sleepy and full, we rested by this bench in one of the parks near our hotel. So that´s how day 1 went.

( bag- Longchamp, sandals- Kickers)

Next stop, Toledo. Don´t miss it!

Ciao for now and enjoy your weekend,



Laura said...

I dream of going to Madrid one day I hope I can... Bythe way loving the bright yellows they look lovely and so summery!

blackberryfashion said...

You are lucky. Madrid is such a beautiful city :)

Mica said...

beautiful photos! The palace looks so amazing!

cherie said...

oh my, andaming swords! the chandelier looks so pretty as well :) love the yellow color on you ate che, it's so bright and perfect for summer!


It looks like you had a really good time. Madrid is beautiful - I would love to go there <2
Btw, you have very cute blouse - the color is so nice :)


PS. There's a new outfit + CONTEST and GIVEAWAY on my blog :D I'll be glad, if you take a look ;)

Maya said...

Nice photos ,I've been to Spain but never to Madrid, I hear it's amazing there

OanaC said...

Your outfit gorgeous love love love :)


Kashaya said...

Great braceles.=)

fashionistas stop said...

your outfit is so pretty! and love the post :D

following you now..hope you'll do the same :)

Kat said...

ooh absolutley beautiful photos!! madrid looks soooo amazing :)

Bravoe Runway said...

I really hope to visit Madrid someday! These photos look amazing and my SPanish blogger friends ALL say it is incredibly hot right now.

Priscilla said...

YOu are beautiful dear! I love your style!

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tuwentytri said...

Lucky girl! :) I wish I can visit madrid too <3

Audrey Allure said...

Such beautiful photos! Looked like a great time :)

Annie said...

Love the preppy look! That denim skirt is so cute, and so are those sandals :)

The Other Side of Gray

SunnyToast said...

Outfit is it! fave!

Living, Learning, Eating said...

I love all the travel pics, I'm an absolute travel addict (even though I'm just in NYC this summer).

I have a fashion/food/lifestyle blog, too, want to follow each other?