Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello, Toledo!

* Warning: Picture heavy post. *

It was 37ºC in Toledo when we visited the place, you can´t just imagine how it hot and dry it is. So as usual, we spent most of time indoors visiting the church and the museums.


The first thing that you´ll notice when you arrive there is this quaint train station. I´m a sucker for beautiful architecture and so forgive me if this post is filled with  building walls and ceilings. Don´t worry, they´re intricately designed and very photogenic. It´ll be worth the scroll downwards. ;)

Toledo is very clean  and is one of the most filmed places in Spain because of it´s medieval and well preserved architecture. Here´s the cathedral´s facade, one of the most important churches of Spain aside form the one in Burgos, Seville, etc.


The pretty ceiling of one of the salas of the church,


the tall majestic column and well preserved beams and arches and


this intricately sculptured ceiling and wall of a sala where the old kings were buried were so interesting. My jaw dropped when I saw all these things! ;)


As for museums, I can´t take my eyes off this beautifully sculptured praying wall inside a former Jewish temple/synagogue which is now converted into a museum and...


the graceful arches in the terrace of  the Toledo museum. Toledo is also famous for it´s adopted Greek painter ¨El Greco¨, a Spanish Renaissance artist/painter who art historians would say is the precursor of modern Expressionism and Cubism.


As for the local delicacy, we had to try this famous local dish, ¨Codorniz de Toledo¨ made of  delicately tasting quail and sliced potatoes:

which by the way coincided with the bird necklace that I wore on that day. hahaha! ;)


Leaving you  with a candid photo while admiring the old paintings in the ¨claustro(cloister)¨ of the cathedral.


You must visit Toledo, I´m sure you´ll love it! Just make sure to slather a lot of sun cream because it can be quite hot in there especially in the summer. ;)

More photos to show you soon!




janettaylor said...

Ur outfit reminds me...I need a red leather skirt or shorts...

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ang sexy nmn ng turista. hehe. ang cute ng outfit with the fedora hat.

TaraMixandMatch said...

These photos are stunning, and I love your top!

Sherin said...

I want to visit here. It looks so amazing.

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wow amazing!! It looks so beautiful there. I'd love to visit Spain next time I go to Europe.
nice blog - do you want to follow each other?
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Annie said...

The architecture is gorgeous! And love your bird necklace :)

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LaJune16 said...

Beautiful blog and photos :)

Mica said...

it looks beautiful! What an amazing painted ceiling!

Really like your outfit too, I like the print on that top :)

blackberryfashion said...

Wow, it's such an amazing architecture :)

Inês de Castro said...

Cute outfit :) I've never been to Toledo, but it looks beautiful.

SunnyToast said...

the ceiling artwork is divine...I guess I'll spend an hour just by looking into it.

I love your necklace! can I have it...:)

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such pretty and outfit..most of all, I love that necklace!

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wow, the place looks BEAUTIFUL! and ya the ceiling is really pretty :D

Becoming Refined said...

Love the bird detail on your necklace.

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thanks for sharing pictures...can we exchange link..

tuwentytri said...

This place is so lovely :) i love ur skirt! <3