Friday, June 1, 2012


Yesterday afternoon was spent bar hopping in my block wearing a berriboned printed top and the usual black skirt. There was some serious walking from one spot to another so a pair of sandals was necessary. Who am I kidding, I almost always wear flats all  the time!

( top- Lefties, skirt- Mango)

When the days get hotter by the minute, I opt for a smaller decent bag. Raspberry bag to the rescue.

( bag- Zara)

It´s light and easy to sling around, perfect for a drinking social activity like bar hopping. ;)


So what did we do from one bar to the next? Drinking salobreña  and ..


mosto in the next bar with a piece of pincho/tapa de tortilla y chorizo (chorizo omelette) in between.


I wouldn´t dare tell you how many drinks we´ve had nor how many pinchos/tapas I ate but here´s how my midsection looked like after  a mini-marathon drinking session, almost bloated to the max. lol! At least I didn´t get drunk because all of my drinks were non-alcoholic. I even  managed  to get home in one piece and have these photos taken  just before we called it a day. I was a good girl, noh? ;)


Today, I´m cooped up in the flat because it´s snowing in here. Snowing pollens and the hubz is sneezing. Afraid! So how´s life in your side? Pray, tell me. ;)




HEIDI said...

lovely look and it looks like it was a beautiful day! hope the weather gets better there soon. it's beautiful and sunny here in san diego! have a wonderful weekend!

xx heidi
life full of loves

Mica said...

Lovely print on your top :) I like the red bag with your outfit.

Rinny said...

I love the fuschia handbag! And I agree, sandals are a must for long walks. I'm almost always in flats too.