Monday, February 28, 2011

Rachel Berry Has My Skirt!

Some truth. At my age, I still watch Glee. I don´t care much about the story but I love the music.While  watching Season 2´s episode 13 my eye zoomed towards Rachel Berry´s plaid skirt while singing a duet with Mercedes Jones.Then I realized that the skirt looks familiar. Betchagollywow, she´s wearing my skirt!

The first time I wore mine was with a blue turtleneck and a vest coz you know, the bulge. It´s a high waisted skirt.

But Rachel wore it tucked in and with red tights which was really cool! Ssshh, red tights are a HIT these days. Good thing I started wearing mine since Feb 14. ;)

Then my second time with the skirt was still with something blue and gray and with matching gray tights. So unoriginal, no?

So I told myself this time, why not wear this skirt a la Rachel Berry? 

You know, black knitted top and red tights. ;)

Oh and I added some bling because Rachel might call me a copycat although both you and I know that I already am. hehe! Heck, it´s hard to pull off something like this when the character you´re copying is supposed to be half your age. So did I pass? ;)

Just for the record, here´s something that´s very original. My one and only ¨about to fall¨ pose. Don´t worry, I didn´t. Well, almost. hehe! O ha, I doubt if Rachel Berry can pull off this pose.  Can you? ;)

skirt and tights- H&M

The plaid skirt was bought during the winter sales last January 2010. So basically this skirt is more than a year old! By the way, the episode that I was talking about shouldn´t be named ¨Comeback¨ episode but  ¨Plaid¨ episode. The characters were wearing plaids 70% of the time and even Sue Sylvester wore one! ;)

So have you bought something which showed up being worn in the tv or movies lately? ;)

Happy Monday, dears! :)



Rose said...

I deffinately like your rachel inspired look the most :) I love wearing high wasted skirts, probably the only way to wear a skirt that suits me most.
You are certainly daring wearing red tights!
I dont think ive seen anything I own on any celebrities before.


Sherin said...

It's a really pretty skirt. I love how you wore it with the bling!

Anonymous said...

A singer from my country did a video in which she wore "my" bathing suit. And then a girl in some movie wore the same t-shirt I purchased when on holiday in Vienna. So it seems my clothes are quite famous :)


Kavery said...

Good decision. You look great - can't see any bulge!

Laura said...

It's so cool how you made the her outfit yours. I love your bling because with jewelz the more the merrier. I love the tights because color is king =)

cherie said...

yes! she's wearing your skirt! and i love the new pose ate che!

janettaylor said...



Pratishtha Durga said...

I love the "copycat" look a lot. The red leggings make it look so striking. It's definitely a crazy cool skirt.

Moniek said...

I really like the skirt!

Krystal said...

actually, I think SHE copied you!

Mom Daughter Style said...

i don't watch Glee but I think it is one of the most popular TV shows. you look great! you're rocking the red tights.

Leia said...

I love Glee, and I love the way you've styled the skirt like Rachel!