Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So how was everyone´s Valentines Day? ;)

We had a large dinner and I ate too much rice as usual. I´m back to my herbivore diet with smoked salmon bits for protein and omega-3 and I don´t know how long this diet will last. Either today or tomorrow, we´ll see. hahaha! When you´re in that age where your body can´t stop growing sideways, you´ll have to watch  what you eat most of the time. Okay fine, so I had a choco roll  for dessert too, does that count?

Segue to the next topic, I found this quilted skirt while visiting my old thrift shop. It´s made of wool and although I have stopped buying anything brown because 40% of my wardrobe consist of that color, I just can´t stop myself from buying this quirky little piece.

Here´s what it looks like when my top´s tucked out and belted:

Looks like I´d go for the 1st look more. When belted, I can´t see my waistline. hehe!

So when you´ll see quilted skirts becoming trendy this year, remember that you saw it here first. Joke! :)

Any quirky finds lately?



PS: What´s with this pained expression on my face aside from having a serious bad hair day? I promise, I´m more of  the laughing and  take it easy gal in real life, don´t be intimidated by that stern look you´re seeing right now. ;)


cherie said...

hi ate che! i love the neutral color combination. sometimes i wish i could also don winter clothes hehe.

Leia said...

That is a very cool skirt!


Stevia said...

i think you should NOT stop buying brown
why would you do that??
brown is such a warm color
i love brown!
especially brown in chocolates. hehe


Krystal said...

what waistline?? crazy girl :)

Neon Tree said...

i love the patchwork style
great blog

Moniek said...

Great skirt!

Comewhinewithme said...

Cute skirt:-) I don't think you look grumpy, sometimes you're allowed not to smile:-)Hope you had a great Valentine's!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love the whole look! super cute!

Kavery said...

Great skirt- it looks so good on you


Pretty neat skirt! love the pattern!

Mayet said...

the color combination looks well on you;)

..R May A.. said...

i really love how you've mixed your colour on this - it's created such a pretty look :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

nice outfit. all the colors are matching perfectly

Courtney B said...

Love love this outfit!!