Sunday, February 6, 2011

Floral and Pleated

Finally, I´m wearing a flowy skirt in the blog and not jeans for a change. ;) This is a very old floral and pleated skirt which I usually wear during summer. Last year ( or was that 2 years ago) when bubble skirts were still in, I decided to hem this a bit for a shorter bubble-like skirt but I wasn´t  really able do it.

Like all my sewing projects, it just laid there gathering dust. So I removed all the pins, wore it higher than usual, put on a belt et voila!

So what do you think? ;)

top and belt- H&M

Is everybody ready for spring in this side of the world? We´re having sunny and mildly warm afternoons in here but in the morning it looks like this:

I´m not kidding. It looks like a set from a horror movie, no? hehe  But today was different, I woke up with the sun shining brightly on our terrace. Looks like it´s going to be a beautiful day ahead as predicted! Makes me want to go out to take a walk. ;)

Enjoy your Sunday, dahlings! :)




Sherin said...

I'm loving pleats this season. I can't wait to start wearing them in the spring.
Ahh, the weather here is miserable as well.

Jing said...

The skirt is so bagay sa imo ate Che!nothing beats the beauty of florals.I'm thinking of thrifting floral prints in preparation for spring and summer here.(haha.spring sa akong mata). The belt adds beauty in your outfit!:D

Sweet said...

I am loving the skirt and the prints on it....OMG!!! just perfect for summer!!!


Krystal said...

that skirt is so pretty!

Rose said...

Such a pretty skirt!
Wowzers, thats a hole heap of fog. Im am enjoying the summer here, I wont be looking forward to winter thats forsure.


Hazel said...

The whole outfit suits you! :) lovely print on the skirt, by the way :D Stay safe! The weather there seems crazy :O

..R May A.. said...

loving the skirt :)
& the mist is creepy!! x

janettaylor said...

So so pretty, darling Che!


Dredd said...

the whole outfit looks perfect on you :). I'm not really into flowery prints but I guess, after I read your post.... bumili ako :). We still have lots of snow and since we're living close to water, our sunrise and sunsets are amazing. I'm longing for spring!

jess said...

The skirt has a really great print.

Kavery said...

Florals and pleats are so right and I love the shoes you matched them with

dotie said...

adore your skirt..the color and print is lovely :)

eclectic du jour

Reese Milania said...

Cute sya Che! Love the skirt!