Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the late update. Things have been pretty hectic last weekend and I had no time to take a decent outfit post. So let me make up for it by showing you what I´m planning to wear tonight for our Valentines dinner at home:

We don´t go out on Valentines Day, we just celebrate it at home with a special lunch or dinner. Why? Because restaurant menu prices usually double or triple and there´s always a long line especially if you haven´t made your reservations earlier. Plus, horrendous traffic and zero parking space when you get there, so what´s all the fuss about? You can always prepare a nice and healty dinner with your loved one/s and celebrate V day at the comfort of your own place at  your own pace. ;)

vest- Pull&Bear

But yes, we do celebrate it ¨ like going on a date¨ the weekend before or after. Last weekend we had bad weather and so we decided to do it this coming weekend.

knitted LBD- Mango 

Anyway, back to what I´ll be wearing, I´m pairing the dress with red tights and  gray wedges but I think there´s something´s off. What do you think?

red tights- H&M 

All of my strappy heels have long been disposed off because I don´t think I´d be wearing them here with the neverending cold weather but now, it gets me thinking that maybe I should have kept at least a pair before throwing them all away. huhuhu! Oh well, I could always exchange the wedges for a pair of fuzzy pink slippers and the hubz would never notice. hahaha!

wedges- Bershka

Strawberries even without champagne and wine are perfect starters for dinner. It´ll sure make things sweeter from there. Moreover, it´s strawberry season and so buying strawberries wouldn´t drain a large hole in the pocket. ;) 

So what are your plans for tonight?




ACIM said...

LOve the red tights :) So cool

janettaylor said...

So pretty!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sherin said...

You look really pretty. I love the dress and shug you're wearing. Both are really pretty.

Reese Milania said...

Che, Happy valentines day sa inyo dyan!!!

Nice outfit!!!

Comewhinewithme said...

You look beautiful! I love dressing up a bit, especially for this occasion. Unfortunately my boyfriend is in Norway and I'm in London so I'm just gonna hang out with myself... I'll treat myself to some Web- TV and some snacks later!

Enter my follower giveaway:-)

Sweet said...

PERFECT for a fine valentines date...well we did not do much...both of us came from work...tired because of the traffic...

ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then went home...REST!! hahahah!!! well maybe because I was so stressed out and I need some time to relax....

but we can always celebrate valentines everyday


Jing said...

this outfit so perfect for fine dining te che!happy heart's day! :D


hello atee! i missed visiting here! happy Valentines day <3

Meream said...

Your necklace! So gorgeous!
You, too :)

Krystal said...

the necklace is like the perfect accessory!

à la Modest said...

Oh my goodness---I wore a black dress with bright red tights to our Valentine's dinner too!! I didn't take pics of my outfit, sadly. Glad you guys are trying to save money! My husband and I cannot resist eating out. We love food way too much.

..R May A.. said...

gorgeous outfit :)
loving the bright tights!! x

Moniek said...

Great outfit! Hope you had a lovely day!

And So I Whisper said...

Lovely outfit!