Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer Sale Shopping in Winter


I went out with a girlfriend for brunch yesterday. It was sunny and warm, perfect weather to debut my plaid shirt dress which I bought during the winter sales this year for 50% off. This plaid dress is thin, which means, it can go a long, long way from spring to autumn. Oh wait, winter isn´t over yet.;)

When I go winter sale shopping, I usually buy summery things aside from the winter basics. They´re much cheaper than actually buying them during the summer season. Try it in your local/high street stores if they include them during the winter sales season. I´m sure they do! Just opt for styles and prints that are classic and not too trendy so that you can always be in style. :)

The bag´s another another steal too. It was 70% off and so I grabbed it right away. Wouldn´t you too? ;)

I hope you´re not bored seeing the same background over and over again. This room and the kitchen are the only places in the flat where I photograph ehermm.. nicely and clearly. Street photography is out of the question for now unless I have a friend with me who loves taking photos. The hubz never liked taking photos and because he´s a lot taller than I am, I almost always end up looking like a dwarf in his photos!

 plaid shirt dress- Mango
bag and knitted top- Blanco
jacket and shoes- local store

Enough about me. So what about you? How´s you´re week so far? Have you got anything to rant and rave about? I´ll be here waiting. :)

Yours trully,



Krystal said...

i've been meaning to get a leather jacket, that one is really cute!

Sherin said...

I love the plaid dress. It definitely looks really versatile and wearable for a lot of different season. And the bag is so pretty! Love it.

Moniek said...

Love the bag!

Sweet said...

Gaah so jealous right now...seeing your great steals I mean hello those are really wicked items...

I love the dress...and the bag...
so tired today...I've been to a lot of meetings with work and with some legal representatives of my blog...I know I may have over reacted or something but the person involve just would not stop pissing me became now a copyright issue over a personal taste and ideas because internet is a free source...I am just sooo tired...ahahhaa

I am also in a shopping ban because of the fees and the shop but hopefully I can find another outlet so that I can let go of this stressful events...



L1L2 said...

u know u don't look like the tough kind, but everytime you put something like that black jacket, you kick ass... like after seeing the first pic, you don't know what's next, then you come up with that edgy look and bam! nicely done che!

janettaylor said...

Lovely plaid!


Reese Milania said...

I checked my blog Che, okay naman sya, I didn't changed anything in it. Arrrrrg pasaway na blogspot! Anyway haha we just love purple and plaid aint it???

I really like your leather jacket, I need to get one like that.

Jing said...

ate che!i adore your plaid dress and your leather jacket.i really want to have one.gusto ko ng ganyang jacket.haha.nasuya ko.:)you look great.

btw,yep te che pede xa sa bisan uns ana OS.just download the software from te dayun istall, then go polaroid.hehe

Valentina A. said...

check if you want :

Lala said...

love the bag!

ana b. said...

If you were feeling very brave, a few bloggers take their tripod and remote outside with them and take self-timered photos. If you find somewhere empty enough, that might be a nice change if you wanted!

Savvy Gal said...

cute dress and bag.

Mom Daughter Style said...

ako rin Che walang magpicture so now I don't post outfits na, i just shifted my blog kasi di rin ako marunong magself take.

that is a totally adorable outfit. cute!

Lee Oliveira said...

Love the plaid and the bag.