Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Things on a Random Day

First, how are you today and how´s your week so far? :)

Second, I´m following a strict diet made of this:

and then followed by this:

What a perfect combination, no? I even feel that I´m losing a lot of weight by following this diet for 3 days now. ;) Okay, so who am I kidding.

Third, after an endless window shopping for jeans, I´ve finally found one that fits me to a T especially on my bloated and fat days. Didn´t know I´ll find it at H&M at 50% off. Sweat deal!

I´ve also decided to keep this velvet pair  even if the cost for changing the zipper  equals (almost) to the pant´s discounted price because I´m comfy in it and it keeps my middle part from ¨spilling over¨.

And with all of that being said, I´m wishing you my blogger chicas an exciting week ahead! Ciao! :)




Sherin said...

Those chocolates look amazing!! I'm trying to cut back, so I'm craving some now!

Krystal said...

lol i love your diet. i just had chocolate for lunch!

Jing said...

how do you make salad,te che?
it looks delicious!i love veges and chocolates.good luck sako diet.:D

Dredd said...

LOL, my hubby will love your strict diet.

Jeans look great on you and you'll be surprise with what u can find at H&M :))

Anonymous said...

That salad actually looks tasty!
I haven't had salad for a loong time, it's not a very regular food here in my country LOL
Chocolate for lunch, sweet!

Castor Pollux

janettaylor said...

I love Ur new jeans, darling Che - especially the dark blue color!


Prutha said...

my diet is almost like urs,..not even kidding

follow if u like what u see?


Kavery said...

I would totally break any diet for chocolates - certainly for ones like these

Lee Oliveira said...

Couldn't take my eyes out of the chocolate..
Love your sweater
lee x

BABI said...

i wish i could eat salad for 3 days too! tempting chocolates! :-)


jess said...

I love the print of your scarf.

Leia said...

Well done for eating lots of salad... now put away the chocolate and try to avoid sugar for a week ;)

I love finding the perfect pair of jeans!


Sweet said...

ahh the tempting...kainis!!!!

I love your jeans...I am trying to look for wide legged trousers....hahahah!!!