Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Colored Much

shirt dress- Bershka

colored clutch and sandals- local Spanish store

Can´t wait to take out this cutesy clutch for a little springy ride. Wait until the sun´s up once again ( because  rain decided to stay for a while) and I´m gonna take you for a spin my dearest clutchsy. Pardon the darkened feet, got sunburned from too much walking around last summer in what else but open toed sandals. Yes, this is a year old photo. I hope you don´t mind. ;)

Have a lovely mid-week, everyone!



Toni said...

lovely sandals and clutch, Che!
i wish rain would finally visit us here in Cebu. the heat is just unbearable!


janettaylor said...

Ur accessories so stunning, dearest Che! Keep they up! :D

Leah said...

It's a fabulous dress... na-highlight ang sexy legs mo Che. Nice!!!

PS... Nasa US ako now. Just arrived here last night. xoxo

ellie said...

Those are amazing shoes. Great outfit.

Cathy said...

First of all thanks for the welcome! Second, your entire outfit looks great. Each piece works together so well, I love the shark bite teared dress and the clutch colors are amazing

Jing said...

hi ate che!good morning!wa jud ko kavisit mg blogs gabii kay hastang kapuya jud nako.

what can i say? you are so sexy ate che.ang legs ba,very good shape jud imu legs.the dress is also fashionable.ganda ng style nya.

Leia said...

gorgeous clutch!

CC said...

The clutch! *adore*

coolboy said...

lovely bag co cute

magpie said...

I LOVEE this shirtdress! Really! I want it in MY closet :) And the shoes with chic and gorgeous!!!
You really rock it girlllll!