Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hello, dahlings!

top (old) - H&M

capri pants (ancient)- Esprit de Corp, shoes - local Spanish store

The hubz took me near the Natural Park of Mount Gorbeia ( the highest peak in Alava) to see this mini cascading waterfalls falling from the top of a canyon . The waterfall is called Gujuli. The air was so crisp, cool and invigorating and the view is as usual, spectacular. I even did some yoga. Nah, just kidding! :)  On the other side was this green pasture for the cows and sheep to graze.

Everything was so vivid and fresh that I was sooo tempted to crossover and run towards the evergreen fields while dancing and singing The Sound of Music a la Maria von Trapp or even have a mini-photo shoot. But then...

The sign in Basque and Spanish loosely translated as : No trespassing. Mastiff dogs(guard dogs) on the loose. So I hold that thought of crossing over and went back to the car peacefully. From a distance, I can clearly hear some dogs barking. What if ...? Glad to know I was a good girl for once. ;)

So how´s your week dears? Don´t forget to smell the roses once in a while. :)

Yours truly,



Becca. said...

the print of your top is gorgeous!

Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Cathy said...

cute print for the top and what a beautiful picture of that waterfall

Psyche said...

Hi, Che! I've been missing-in-[blog]action the past week as my internet connection in the province was erratic. I envy the trips you've had. :( And the greens and blues.

Sherin said...

Looks like you're really enjoying the weather! Yay. I love spending time in the sun.

cherie said...

from your description and the pictures, it looked like the weather is oh so good. nice top ate che :)

Alex Dom said...

lovely photos!

Kasia_B said...

Thank you so much dear! You're sucha sweetheart!


Leah said...

You always have the best places to go to... kakainggit. Ang ganda ng view. Perfect sana na naka-white dress ka while running in the field... tapos hahabulin ka pala ng mga aso. Hehehe! Love the print of your top... and you do yoga din pala. I love yoga. xoxo

Walk The Sand said...

Awesome print and lovely photos.
Smell the roses... perfect.

Toni said...

lovely outfit, Che! and the place is just beautiful!


Mom Daughter Style said...

i never tried yoga, im thinking about it kc i feel stressed lately saka wala akong exercise.

nice top, ang sexy mo naman i can see the curves and the flat stomach. nice view. i always love going to places with a beautiful view of nature.

Vincent Bronner said...

I'm a french photographer.
I like the second one.