Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi, everyone!

The sun was up last Saturday and so the hubz and I went to the south of France for a short trip. Since we´re cheap, we stopped by Hondarribia( a Spanish town near the Spanish-French border) and ate lunch there forgetting that restaurant prices in Spain increases to at least 50% during the weekends, so no savings there, haha!

I had a seafood salad and roasted lamb while for the hubz, the ubiquitous paella and pan seared hake in galic-parsely sauce.

(hake in garlic-parsely sauce)

I wore a very flowy and light top ( from the Mango winter sales last 2009), blush colored slacks ( from U2) and platform sandals to look a bit dressed up for a change because I always travel in flats.

 The top has a  very low neckline for my standards and so I wore a black tank top under it. ;) The necklace is the basque symbol of Pais Vasco/Pays Basque in French.

Before leaving Hondarribia, we went for a short walk along the seaside to take some photos of the yatchs and boats. The view was enchanting but it was so hot!

Later in Biarritz, I was already half limping because the hubz mistakenly took the wrong turn on the way towards the Aquarium, our final destination. Translation: We had to walk about 2 kms. more of slopy streets under the 28 C scorchingly hot weather. So uncomfortable, I was so envious of everyone around me wearing flat sandals and flip flops. My soles hurt and my facial scars got sunburned!

Good thing there were benches inside the Aquarium and so I was able to sit down and relax my aching soles. Whew! At the back of mind I was cursing myself  for not bringing flats for back-up. Well, there´s always a next time.

Anyway, after seeing the little sharks and fishes, we went to the top floor to see the seals. They feed the seals in the morning and at 5 pm. Honestly, I didn´t understand what the French guy was blabbing about but the seals were so entertaining! I was engrossed and even bought a seal ref magnet for my magnet collection. hahaha!

(some views of Biarritz)

The trip ended with a few servings of French- Basque ice cream. I chose pistachio and lemon in merengue.

Mmmm, heavenly! Perfect treat to end  a very hot day in the south France. Mama mia, looks like summer is already here in this side of the world! ;)

So what have you done last weekend? I would like to hear from you too! :)



PS: Click on the photos to enlarge, you have the option to NOT click those that have my face because my scars still look scary! lol!

PPS: More travel photos of Biarritz here. This place is surreal during twilight.


Psyche said...

Hi, Che! :) Flats vs. heels for traveling is also an issue for me. I would love to wear heels because it always makes us girls look polished, but we can't really walk miles with them.. haayy.. I love the sandals you have on though and I must say the pain should be worth it since you're looking good. :)

Where do you come from man diay? Negros? :)

Leah said...

What a fun weekend... your outfit is so perfect for relaxing and strolling around. I love the loose airy top. xoxo

sugar tainted fags said...

I love your whole outfit! It's great :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos!
Love your top!


Sherin said...

Lovely photos. And your top looks great.

Walking a lot on trips is always a lot of fun though. My dad usually makes us walk for miles and miles, so I know the pain you were going through.

Nubiasnonsense said...

Nice blog.. I love your top and your weekend looks so fun!

cherie said...

Biarritz looks amazing. I heard a lot of the jet set go there.

Your flowy top looks perfect for the location! Lovely, lovely photos

knk said...

hi how are you lovely post i like it its really amazing nice pictures

michelle_ said...

your outfit is the perfect blend between style and comfort !
thanks for your entry in my We Love Colors tights giveaway


Noelle Chantal said...

i so envy your travels! and the scenery is just perfect for strolling around.

by the way, i love how wavy your now. and that rosey pants and round shades i want. you look great! :)

enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

i love your trousers, Che! beautiful pink shade! you go to all these amazing places!

Dredd said...

Chic outfit and great travel info;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the shoes look good... looking at the Biarritz photos.