Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gray and a Dragonfly

Hi, everyone!

Today, I´m finally going out but there´s no destination yet. I´ve been thinking of going to the vineyards, we´ll see. Travel photos will be posted soon, in the meantime, here´s what I wore yesterday. It´s still cold and raining here but a gray twill coat  isn´t that bad when you go grocery shopping inside the mall, right? ;)

twill coat- H&M
The look may be too casual but I always go for a comfy, no-fuss dressing. You might have known that by now. :)

floral shirt- Bershka

Dragonflies, anyone? This is one of the most comfortable white shirts that I own and I like the print because it´s like wearing your own garden. ;)

My newfound chain necklace from a local Spanish store. Looks like collecting cheap silver chain necklaces is becoming a habit of mine lately. What´s yours?

Por fin, you´re finally seeing my post- CP face. Poor camera focus = flawless face. hahaha! In reality, my skin´s still blotchy. No, no photoshop in here. :)

So how´s your Sunday, dahlings? Hope to hear from you soon! ;)



Leia said...

Your skin looks good to me! :)

Jing said...

hello ate che!
i actually love your outfit te che. I always go for comfortable clothes than wearing complicated ones kay labad ra sa ulo.they say "suffer for fashion" daw. nah!di jud ko mgsuffer para lng sa fashion.HAHAHA.

i love everything about this outfit.from blazer,comfy shirt,pants,the color of your shoes and of course the necklace!love love.
good night ,ate che! mwah! ^=^

Clara said...

lovely look!
your blog is great!!

Cathy said...

absolutely adorable pairing up a jacket with a graphic tee just makes it dressier

janettaylor said...

Lovely top, deareat She!

Mom Daughter Style said...

you really look flawless Che, nice outfit. i think di ka naman masyado nagkaron ng chicken pox kc nung ako non pati arms super dami. enjoy your going out wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

This outfit is perfect. You look fabulous without looking like you're trying. I especially like to top and necklace. Rock it girl! This is me.

kirstyb said...

loving the blazer x

Leah said...

The necklace is so pretty. Where are you going to this time? Enjoy your day Che! xoxo