Monday, September 16, 2013

Anything Goes Monday: Of Sweatshirts and Shoe Shopping

Good morning from Spain! :)

I thought I´m done wearing sweatshirts*  but when I saw this cute 3/4 sleeved and cropped sweatshirt in my local Zara store, I gave in. This would be the perfect piece for layering over button downs and tops without creating a jumbled mess on my lower hipline especially when my button down/top is short. I chose the dull red shade:


over the mustard though I´d have to say that the mustard photographs really well. Now, I´m having second thoughts whether I´ve made the right choice. I´ve already cut the tag off from the red one. hehe!


Moving on, my usually anti-retail hubz invited me to an impromptu shoe shopping at the shoe outlet stores in Arnedo, La Rioja after visiting la suegra** at the nursing home last weekened. He finally gave in after the one and only leather shoe that he´s been wearing for the last three years died on him on the way home last week and  it´s a good thing that he´s wearing socks, hahaha! Anyway, what I didn´t expect from my darling hubz is buying four(4!) pairs of shoes in one blow. It´s partly my fault, you know, because after choosing him a pair of rubber shoes and a brown loafer, I saw these two other pairs at another store at a fraction of the original price and they look so soft and comfy and so I asked him to buy them too!


The hubz never buys these kind of shoes, he´s the classic and with velcro type( yep, he doesn´t like tying shoe laces except for rubber shoes) and I was suprised that he agreed, lol! Yesterday, he debuted the boat shoes with blue jeans. Not bad at all!


As for me, here´s what I bought for myself, a pair of silver loafers. I´m on a quest for a pair of silver ballerinas with 1 inch heel but I can´t find them yet and so these would do for now. Now what am I going to wear with these?! Any ideas? ;)


And because this is basically a what-I-wore blog, here´s something that I wore on our way back home from our Portuguese trip last month:

top, jeans- Zara, bag- Misako
Comfort is the key and yes, I SO LOVE wearing black even in summer! Linking up with Peacoats and Plaids´ The Collective Social Blog Hop and My Greatest Hits´ My Style Monday. Link, link!

Happy Monday, y´all!

Love, love,


*-   my go-to cover-up  when it rains and when it gets cold during  my university days and early working days
**- mother-in- law


Dana Jo said...

Love your sweatshirts, great colors. Wonderfull choice! :)

have a nice week
Dana, Germany

Marlen said...

Aw those sweatshirts are such cute layering pieces. I really like their powdery colors!

xo marlen
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Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Great shoes, Che! hi, thanks for your fun yet a bit envious compliment! LOL Have a great week and be sure and see my Thursday post.

Olivia said...

Mmm don't you just love a nice sweatshirt, especially for this kind of season? I'm thinking tomorrow will be a nice sweatshirt day for me. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!
Hugs & Kisses,

blackberryfashion said...

amazing sweatshirts :)

Janet Taylor said...

Lovely sweatshirt!