Friday, March 23, 2012

In Mint Condition

One of darling friends gave me this stretch colorblock dress in black and mint green on my birthday. I was so excited to try this on until yesterday when I finally did, I encountered some fitting issues. You see after fifteen minutes ( yep, it took me that long!) of serious tugging and wiggling, I´ve finally discovered that the dress and I weren´t to be. *sigh* Although it hugged my hips and butt nicely, it didn´t  hide flatten my muffin top. Wearing a body shaper underneath  is out of the question because I like to be comfy when wearing a dress. Too bad because I really liked the color combination of this dress and a size up isn´t an option either because it´s going to be too loose for me (I´m in between sizes, ya know). I guess I´ll have to return this dress and exchange it for another style.

(dress- Bershka, cardigan- Zara)

When giving gifts it´s the thought that counts but sometimes it´s also a hit or miss especially with our friends. It´s good that whenever my friends and I give gifts to each other, we always accompany it with the receipt. Just in case the size doesn´t fit us or we don´t like the color, we have the option to exchange it for something that fits us better and so everyone´s happy. Do you also do this with your friends?



PS:  Don´t be fooled by the flat tummy! I wasn´t breathing when I took this photo. ;)


Encarna said...

Beautiful cardigan , I like the colour

Noelle Chantal said...

Love the pastel colour of the cardigan! Funny, I also do that when I feel so full, hehe! I miss visiting your blog! :)

Laura said...

Loving the color of your cardi!


Hi, very interesting this blog,i follow and return.
bye bye

Kat said...

what a lovely cardi! pretty color :)