Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dressing Up the Hi-Lo

Did you remember this short pencil skirt which I ¨DYIed¨ into a mini skirt Hi-Lo? Well here´s the 1st combination that I came up with. A solid background in black, my ¨super exposed¨ b/w patterned cardigan, some colorful ring and a nice and affordable clutch to complete the whole look. Ready to go! ;)

(clutch- H&M)

(skirt- Custo Barcelona, very old!)

Enjoy your Sunday, y´all! :)




Sherin said...

Loved how you dressed it up. The cardigan with it is perfect.

Chocolate in Fashion said...

GREAT look!!!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Love the outfit! =)

RICHA S said...

hey dear great outfit... nice blog if u like my blog too may b v can follow ech other

& yea a giveaway too on ma blog

cherie said...

such a unique skirt! love how you paired it up with the equally unique cardigan!