Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In All Shades of Brown

What I love about layering aside from playing with different textures and prints is that we can also match/ combine different shades belonging to the same color in an outfit.Take for example brown, an earth color which I´m sure can be found inside anyone´s closet nowadays. Chocolate brown, moccha, tan and beige, these are just some of the shades with a solid brownish base which I used in yesterday´s outfit. Coincidentally, orange and blue complemented well with brown and so that´s a plus!


Tangerine Tango is Pantone´s color of the year. If  you´re afraid of using this color as a top or bottom, why not as an accessory? ;)


( blazer- Fórmula Joven, knitted top- Sfera, pants- Promod, bag- Blanco)

Anyway, just as I thought that spring has finally landed on this side of the world, the weather decided to change it´s mind yet again.. Yes, you´ve read that right. We´re back to winter  mode. At least it isn´t snowing here unlike in some parts of the country. ;)




Jing said...

Hi ate che! pareha ta. I therefore conclude na favorite nako shades of brown. some of my clothes are in this color.hehe!i miss you. i love your shoes. ;)

Encarna said...

Lovely outfit!, love the mix of colours!
you are right it seems that winter came back...

Sherin said...

Your layering is perfect! I love the scarf and shoes.

Kat said...

sooo lovely! your scarf is soo beautiful! love this look :)​m

Kat said...

sooo lovely! your scarf is soo beautiful! love this look :)​m

N said...

Its so great look love how u styled all the brown shades,especially that scarf-its amazing :)