Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts Day

Hi, all!

Have read in most blogs that everybody had a great time spending their Valentine´s day yesterday. Well, mine´s a normal day. Meaning no flowers ( the hubz isn´t the flower and gift-giving type, it´s okay because I prefer cash, lol!), no chocolates ( we still have a lot of  leftover chocolates from Christmas) and no romantic resto dinner in candle light. In short, it was a normal day for us but yes, we opened a bottle of red sweet wine for dinner and I cooked hubz´ fave spaghetti bolognese. In times like this we have to be practical because I don´t know why prices double or even triple just on February 14 and that isn´t FAIR.

Anyway, like most of you did, I wore somehing red. No to be overly sweet, I wore this with pair of Navajo inspired pants which I scored at Zara on the recent winter sales. Threw in some gold jewelry et  voila, I was ready for our date in our mini kitchen, hehe!


I can´t wait for the warm weather to arrive so that I can try wearing this funky colored pants with flats. Yes, I said FLATS.  To be honest, I always have a hard time walking in heels although it gives me the much needed height boost because I´m vertically challenged. What about you?

( top- Lefties, pants- Zara, bracelets- Sfera, Misako, clogs- Blanco)

So how did your Valentines date go yesterday? ;)




Reese Milania said...

belated happy V-day! I cooked yesterday because my Hubby had to work so we actually celebrated the hearts day last weekend pa. Anyway ang ganda ng pants mo, print kong print haha! What's the best wine you can recommend? di kasi kami ma wine Che haha. I bought a couple of wines na kaso for display lang and for gifts to other people.

cherie said...

happy valentine's day ate che. am loving the scarlet tonesn your outfit :) my valentines was just spent chilling with the boy, nothing too fancy too

Sherin said...

The red jumper looks so cute on you! It's such a great colour.

janettaylor said...

:) Lovely outfit! Let you know I almost buy these pants. Gorgeous!


Beauty Follower said...

Great colour combination!