Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Things

Hello, Hello!

My first ¨3-things¨ post of the year.Things which I´m kinda obsessed this week, here they are:

Semi-vegan sandwich and Multi-vitamin Juice

I got hooked on this combo while visiting Portugal last year. What´s more tasty than a multi-grain bread stuffed with arugula, tomatoes and a thick slice of mozzarella cheese peppered with chopped parsely? Nom, nom! A glass of multi-vitamin juice is perfect too for that much needed vitamin boost in this cold season. And hey, everyone can do this at home because the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket. :)


2. Multi-colored Floral Cuff

I´ve totally forgotten about this cuff until I cleaned my top drawer. A perfect piece to welcome spring, don´t you think? Or why not wear this as soon as the weather turns warmer, tomorrow perhaps? ;)


3. Casual in my snow boots

 When there´s nothing but snow and slush all around you, your normal boots doesn´t count at all. Unless you want to end up with  wet, cold feet and ruin your fave boots that is. So presenting my snow boots, they´re water repellent and got good traction, so you don´t skid nor fall unless you like gliding on ice. ;)

( beanie- H&M, puffer jacket- Zara)

I hope I could shoot outdoor photos this weekend for a change. We got snowed in ( literally), it´s impossible to shoot photos outdoors this week. Well, we tried but all  I can see are specks of white and my long puffer coat. Not that nice at all. ;)

Have a lovely weekend, y´all!



Katherine said...

That floral cuff is so pretty! And love your puffer jacket - looks warm :) Have a great weekend!

Sherin said...

The cuff is so beautiful and I'm absolutely loving those boots!

janettaylor said...

Juice! Yummy!

Style Sud-Est said...

The cuff is lovely, reminds of the oneigot myself this week!
I love your jacket, it is such a lovely color!


Alexandria said...

i love the cuff too!! and the first picture made me feel so hungry... now i need to get up...:D

Jing said...

Hi ate! long time no see.haha. btw, ok ra ko te busy at work mao usahay na lg ko kablog.hehe. I heard na its daw sa Europe. Keep warm te che. I wanna make a juice like that in the 1st picture. ;)

Kat said...

you look soo cute! love your bracelet! :D

Style Servings said...

Omg that food looks amazing, and the multi vitamin juice would be perfect with it! I've got serious cravings now!

Bravoe Runway said...

Hello gorgeous cuff! I absolutely love the colours and your puffer jacket looks so cozy!

Carla Cee said...

cute cuff! <3