Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gearing Up For Spring

Can´t wait for the temperature to go up and stay there for good so that I can finally wear something light and floaty. Yes, we´re having a beautiful sunny weather in here but it´s what the Spanish ( at least here in the northern part) call as el sol falso. Sunny but still effin cold. In the meantime, here´s a combo that I´ve cooked up for one of those real spring-y days later :


The second photo´s with a flash. I can´t remember which of  one these colors is the real thing but they both fit the spring trend. That´s fine, no? By the way, that pinkish line peeking at the back of left leg is for some color blocking, aka, my house slippers. hehe! 

(top- Sfera, pants- U2)

After looking at the photos, I´ve realized two things. First, that size of my thighs have doubled after being married for more than four years ( good or bad?) and that I need to go on a herbi(vore) and tuna diet again to fit  into this almost new 5-year old peachy pants without holding my breath again. And oh, the top´s new ( can you tell?) and  I´m still on a snakeskin mode! ;)

Are you ready for spring?




sacramento said...

Cuánto tiempo sin saber nada de tí,ahhhhhh qué alegría me da verte tan guapa.

L1L2 said...

want one peachy pants this spring! and looking forward to warmer weather no doubt.. happy leap day btw:)

janettaylor said...

Pretty pants!

janettaylor said...

Pretty pants!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Such a pretty pink color! =)

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Love your blouse! <3<3

Kavery said...

Love the snake print on your top

Samantha said...

LOVE that snakeskin top!! It looks great paired with the peach pants!

xo, sam